View Full Version : i love winter

11-29-04, 09:44 AM
last night i took a few too many Zanex mixed with Fosters cans and passed out soon after the time i was screwin around with my card putting it at 423/1120 both 2D and 3D and i woke up, checked the temps and it said 51c.. god i love winter mornings :)

And this is Las Vegas winter too... i mean even california has it colder than us cuz of moisture. Its 37 degrees outside in the mornings here. Im sure alot of you would kill for that kind of "heat" in the morning.

Anyway happy Winter overclocking everyone :nana:

11-29-04, 10:09 AM
One morning (before I turned the heating on in my room) I woke up and checked my ultra temps and saw GPU idle +39C and PCB +25C. Thats my lowest morning temp record so far.

Even with heating on I got idle temps of GPU +45C and PCB +30C...

11-29-04, 12:05 PM
Yea-that is pretty neat. I havent oc'd my card-but @ idle and full load it's running a nice 3-5C cooler than usual.

11-29-04, 12:09 PM
if i leave my window open at nite in Feb or Jan, i'll prob. freezee to death... canadian winter is much more powerfull... (have u heard -40 degree celsius with wind chill...??)

11-29-04, 12:39 PM
hey im from chicago....gets quite cold here too. =)

11-29-04, 03:49 PM
haha nice temps

yea it doesnt get too cold down here although we had some weak snow yesterday for about an hour. Not even enough to cover the ground before it melted.


when i saw it start snowin i heard ppl in the other apartments yelling OMG SNOW!! EVERYONE ITS SNOWING!!

snow = gold down here

:edit: btw i won 600 bux at the casino today on nickel keno! yay for mee :)

those keno machines would look alot nicer with AA enabled :)