View Full Version : Bfg 6800 Oc 128

11-30-04, 12:33 AM
Hello, I am looking into getting a 6800. I found this 6800 over at best buy for 250 bucks after rebates and it comes with Half-LIfe 2 (i have heard it comes with Far Cry as well but i dont know if this is true) I was wondering if you all thought this was a good price. ALso my big concern is do you think it will run good with my set up. I am looking into upgrading my card because my current car just isnt cutting it with all the new games coming out

Link to Video Card (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?j=1&id=pcmprd27200050016&skuId=999927100050016&productCategoryId=cat01151&type=product)

Comp Specs:
P4P 800 Deluxe
P4 2.6
512x2 2700
Current Card Ti 4600


11-30-04, 01:46 AM
That's roughly what i paid for mine on ebay. I paid about 265 shipping incl., but the card retails for 275-300 normally. That's a great price and I get awesome performance out of it. The extra pipes on mine didn't work, but at 375/750 it gets just over 9000 on 3DMark03. Not quite as fast as the 6800GT in my main rig, but it's very nice for the current games.