View Full Version : Fan Is The Problem...

11-30-04, 03:12 AM
For a buddy, buying a new 6800GT (AGP), he has following choices
Gigabyte..(The new copper style cooler)

He doesnt mind getting either
His only question and problem is... if 2morro (After a period) the fan stops functioning, wich of the above cards can get new (Similar/same) fan replaced easily ?(with a simple fan)
the refrence cooler fan cant be replaced ( i suppose )
nor can the MSi
rest i donno
dont forget we are from a country whre the stuff like NV5 Silencer arnt available.
& the card will be coming frm abroad!
he really wants this to b sorted before buying the card. coz his 5700ultra burnt..n he didnt even notice it untilll it actually died

11-30-04, 09:46 AM
can't you get the card imported along with the NV Silencer for precautionary measures then?