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11-30-04, 11:15 AM
Hi Guys,

A friend of mine just installed an XFX 6600 GT AGP and is getting horrible artifacts (missing geometry etc) in all 3D Apps with drivers 66.93 and 67.02. :lame:

The problem is much less on the 67.02 and is in fact Identical to a problem I had on my 6800 GT with the 66.81 drivers.

I have sent a support E-Mail to XFX just in case its a vga bios issue.

We have yet to try the 66.81 driver (supplied on his retail CD) with the card - do you guys think its worth a try or should we aim further back, I was thinking of the 66.72 driver which was rock solid on my machine and did'nt have this artifacting problem with any games.


11-30-04, 11:40 AM
If its happening in all games, it sounds like the card could be bad. mainly the 'all games' is keying me to that conclusion though.

11-30-04, 12:10 PM
ummm - I hear what your saying, cant help feeling that if drivers solved the issues for me then it could well solve the issues for him........

Ill get him to try the 66.81 and 66.72 drivers and report back - thanks so far.

11-30-04, 12:23 PM
when I say all games I mean all games tested - on this occasion its only HL2 and Star Wars Battlefront!!!!

Hardly all games really......

11-30-04, 01:05 PM
Just got a reply from XFX Customer Service:

Dear customer:

Please complete the following:

1. Disable fastwrite in BIOS.
2. Update motherboard BIOS and chipset driver.


XFX VGA Technical Support

We can not stimulate all troubleshoot in e-mails; in your best interest,
please contact our tech support by phone.
U.S. customer: You can reach us by our 24-hour hotline: (800)880-3225

Not a great answer - seing as my BIOS does'nt give the option to disable fastwrites.

11-30-04, 01:08 PM
Use Rivatuner for FW.

11-30-04, 01:39 PM
thanks - we're gonna try 66.72 driver next - it ALMOST went away with the 66.81 on the install CD - in fact with every previous driver version we try its getting better??

I want to try to get it working without disabling anything 1st.

11-30-04, 01:55 PM
sugar - 66.72 cant even run HL2 - shader system wont start up

11-30-04, 02:16 PM
give it to me, that will solve the problem...

11-30-04, 03:21 PM
thanks but no thanks Joker..

anyone got anything to add??? - should we RMA his card for a refund.

11-30-04, 06:47 PM
thanks but no thanks Joker..

anyone got anything to add??? - should we RMA his card for a refund.

Disable Fast Writes first and tell us how things go.
67.02's should function fine, just make sure you have your motherboard BIOS fully updated and there are no conflicting (old) driver installations on your system.
What kind of PSU is your computer using?
I suggest RMA'ing the card for a replacement if all else fails.

11-30-04, 07:18 PM
CPU case is too hot for the card. I guess all those early lawn mower jokes made Nvidia nervous and skimp on the cooling.

Sure, even the very crappy dual fan heatpipe cooler that came with my BFG6800 GT oc was inadequate in my Antec Sonata case - until I cut a hole in the side of the case and installed a 120mm stealth fan. That worked great, but ultimately, I just got an NV5 since it is not only quieter, I can now overclock like mad.

11-30-04, 08:18 PM
I've got the same artifacting on my XFX 6600gt AGP. I've tried multiple drivers, MoBo bios updates, disabling fast writes. I've even reformated and started from scratch. Nothing has worked for me. I would write it off as a "bad" card but heres the catch, it only has artifacts in DirectX games, not OpenGL. Doom3, Quake3, Quake2 all work fine!!! For DX games I've tried Halo, Nascar 2004, Unreal2, Sims2, Battlefield Vietnam, and NFS Underground. All of these games are DX and all have serious artifacting. The fact that it is only in DX games makes me think this is software. XFX told me that "most likelly" my card is defective and to return it to Newegg. What I'm worried about is paying to ship this card back, waiting for who knows how long only to have the same problem with the replacment card they send back. What do you guys think?

11-30-04, 11:35 PM
It sounds very weird so far. Just return it for a replacement. Could be a bad bios, as another user has the same problems as your mate. :(

12-01-04, 11:15 AM
anybody have any idea why the xfx cards are the only agp 6600gts out? for the life of me i can find no other brands from reputable vendors.

i want to get a 6600gt, but i don't want to hastily pick up this brand card if people are having problems all over the place with it. =/

12-01-04, 11:24 AM
Check this post out - problems are all solved!!!!!:

From the Engineers at NVIDIA...

"The issues that some users have reported are seeing when using the GeForce 6600 GT AGP are due to a driver bug which causes 3D corruption when this GPU is used with certain motherboards, most notably SIS motherboards.

We have verified a fix for this bug and have posted a new driver, 67.03, which can be downloaded from nZone."

The info provided by our engineering department appears to answer your question, therefore we will be locking the thread.


LINK: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=294

Go get that new card!!!!!

12-01-04, 12:53 PM
I can verify that these drivers do in fact fix the artifacting in DX games. Big thanks to Nvidia for fixing this in a timely manner.

12-01-04, 02:10 PM
Sweet, Great to hear all thigns working correctly now!