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11-30-04, 02:43 PM
I was looking at sub 230 graphics cards for Xmas (I could go higher but I also want a new mobile phone) and I was set on the XFX 6600GT.
I then found the "Bastard" Asus GT @ 350/700 at only 210, a mere 60 higher than the 6600GT.
I saw the DDR1 memory and decided to post on the Steam forums (HL2/CSS are my favourite games) and the replies I got all said in often large capitals to go for th 6800GT. It may be clocked lower but if its based on the 6800GT chip wouldn't it generally be faster. I dont mind about spending the extra 60, as I want to get the best I can afford for the money at hand.

What do you guys think?
Should I go for the 6800. Its obvious it will still run games like Doom3 easy considering it is better than the 6600GT and the benchmarks of the 6600GT showed awesome performence.
Am I welcome in the 6800 forums with a "Bastard" 6800? (:lol:)

11-30-04, 03:22 PM
my V9999GE cost me 270 (although were 153 of it a rebate on my fried 9700pro i'm not sure i could've justified it!), and it has the DDR3 2ns but is software locked at 12 pipes (stock speeds 350/1000). ive unlocked it to 16 pipes, 6 vertex shaders, and can clock it to 420/1200...but none of that's guarenteed if you buy the card. i bought from ebuyer btw (fellow brit ;)). i mention the GE because its about the cheapest GT, provided you're lucky enough to get the unlocks going that is...

i haven't seen a direct comparison for the asus GE/GT, and by this amount you're almost in 'true' GT price territory. might be worth spending a little more...or if you've already completed hl2 then just waiting a little longer! the 6600 for 150 sounds ok though, that's 9800pro 128MB money and its a little better than those. tough call...

11-30-04, 03:42 PM
I think the Asus 6800GT is a good deal.

11-30-04, 04:32 PM
I have brought a Asus 6800GT and basicaly it is the same as my BFG 6800GT. Only time it falls behind in ANY benchmarks or Games is when I run HIGH resolution and High AA and AF.

At 1024x768 and 4AA and 4AF it proforms exactly the same. The Memory being slower really doesnt slow it down at all. However when you get up into High Resolutions it can (Probably more so because it only has 128mb).

But yeh, you can get the Asus for $320US which does make it a very good deal. Proformance/Quality vs Price.

11-30-04, 05:37 PM
ASUS could make a killing with the 128MB GT's if they where for SLi as the lower memory clock and doubled memory would make quite a diffrence considering you will be CPU bottlenected so the bandwith won't be wasted as much compaire to the GT and Ultras.

12-01-04, 04:32 PM
Could any of you guys tell me how to find out if pipelines are locked/vertex shaders, and how I would unlock them safely?
The specs say 6 Vertex Shaders, 16 Pipelines, should it come with all of the specs stated on the official site made fully available?

12-01-04, 04:52 PM
Yes, its a normal GT core with slower memory and less ram.

useless nvidiot
12-01-04, 07:35 PM
actually asus have now decided to bring out a normal gt. bloody fools why now? i would have got it instead of the inno 3d cuz i like the blue led

12-02-04, 10:01 AM
To me that Asus is a godsend. Slower it may be but for people not willing to spend over 250 for a top notch card. Great idea, they could make a killing.