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12-01-04, 01:15 PM
I know abit about gfx cards...but one thing ive done research on and cant find anything about is pixel pipelines?!

2 Questions:

What are they?
Why more the better?


12-01-04, 01:41 PM

Take the X800 Pro and the 6800GT. The X800 Pro has a core of 475MHz while the 6800GT has a core of 350MHz. Just by looking at this, one might say that the X800 Pro has a big advantage over the 6800GT regarding pixel pushing power. However, the 6800GT has 16 pipelines while the X800 Pro has 12 pipelines. Doing the math, the X800 Pro can push 12 pixels multiplied by the core's frequency, which is 475. That's a fillrate of 5700 megapixels per second. Doing the same for the 6800GT reveals a fillrate of 5600 mp/s. So, the huge advantage the X800 Pro appeared to have doesn't really exist. The difference is only 100 megapixels.

Hope that helps,
Tony. (xmasmile)

12-01-04, 05:08 PM
Cheers...So basically its the GPU Core Speed x the no. pipelines = Fillrate of megapixels per sec?!

Sounds good then...So its better to have another 4 pipelines than say 50mhz more core speed?!

Well u learn sumthing new everyday :D