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12-01-04, 06:25 PM
I just did a major system upgrade for HL2 (and some of you gave me some good suggestions to fix my troubles with the old NForce1 board). I bought an Abit NF7-S NForce 2 board for my Athlon XP 2600+ and swapped out my Gig of PC 130 RAM for DDR 400 (used) and that corrected my 3D gameplay troubles.

But now I'm experiencing trouble under Windows XP and windows apps. I'm getting system freeze glitches where the system sputters for a second and then resumes normal operation only to sputter again within a couple of minutes or so. While I could live with this problem, it's really a problem with Premiere Pro and capturing Digital Video because it causes the capture to drop frames if it sputters during a capture. This is unacceptable as I capture video every day and need continuous streams of video of 5-6 minutes at least for my concert work (I shoot metal concerts and edit the camera angles together)

I'm using the latest NForce drivers and the latest Video drivers. I haven't checked for BIOS updates for the Abit and I don't believe there are any updates for the XFX 6600 GT AGP. I haven't made any major changes to the BIOS (or rather Taz didn't as he was down here for Turkey Day and helped me get the Abit in and running.

Because 3D is not sputtering, this suggests a driver/card problem under Windows operation. Are there any tweaks I could try to the driver to get rid of these sputters?

12-01-04, 07:44 PM
Thats very odd, windows runs great with my XFX 6600 GT AGP, its the 3d applications that refuse to cooperate...

12-01-04, 08:35 PM
Did you do anything special to the mobo BIOS settings? What are you running at? I tried changing the AGP Memory to 128 to keep the card from using it's own RAM but that didn't do the trick.

12-02-04, 02:24 AM
Hi Doug, I've been following your xfx 6600gt problems with great interest since I'm very close to ordering one myself. Theres been a new set of drivers released (67.03) that are supposed to fix an issue with the 6600gt. I hope it solves your problem:


12-02-04, 02:36 AM
sadly that fix only applies to SIS Chipset - It works a treat but I doubt it would help an Nforce user.

DO THE BIOS UPDATES FOR YOUR ABIT BOARD!!!! - then get the latest (Official) nforce drivers.

please report back with your results.

12-02-04, 02:38 AM
here ya go:


12-02-04, 03:14 AM
I use an Abit NF7-S R2 with 1gb of ram. Now what ram speed are you using? Do you have dma turned on for your drives? What drivers are you using for your NF2 chipset? 5.10? Your bios should be the most recent for your Abit board and overvolt your ram/agp/northbridge a little and see if that makes a difference. I had the problem you mention until I went to a modified bios with CPC off. Basically some NF2 boards have problems with double sided ram modules needing T2 or CPC off between calls from cpu to memory.

12-02-04, 08:44 PM
I got it fixed. I had to disable a BIOS setting that was causing memory glitches....

adpr 02
12-02-04, 09:37 PM
clarify. I am thinking of getting an xfx 6600gt tomorow... hope my ncix has them in.