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12-01-04, 07:43 PM
Hi guys, im new here. I noticed that there were a few other folks on this board with new 6600 GT AGP cards, as opposed to basically everywhere else so I figured ill try here first...

Im having a bad problem with my new XFX 6600 GT AGP, it crashes after 5-10 minutes of play in any 3d game (Doom 3, Star Wars battlefront, even freebie games). The crash is sudden, and either results in a lockup or a forced restart. The one exception I had was playing Everquest 2 in windowed mode, I was able to play that to a point where I boged down in a city area and it froze (after about an hour of playing, apparently this is more of a "stutter" issue related to the nvidia 6-series cards, as 6800 owners are having this happen in EQ as well). Otherwise, while running the computer in windows and running videos and other situations it is not crashing, just in 3d heavy games. 3dmark even crashes, albiet I was able once to get it to not crash via removing alot of hardware, but after that I tried doom and it still crashed after 10 minutes of play...

So far, ive tried about anything i'm able to try on my own. My system is a Dell Dimension 8300 circa a year ago, P4 2.6ghz, 1gig RAM (512 stock + an extra 512 Kingston RAM chip), a 60 gig hard drive + an extra 80 gig maxtor drive (recently purchased) both 7200rpm drives, Soundlblaster Live! sound card, 56k modem, firewire card, CD-RW drive plus a recently purchased DVD drive, all running on an old 1998 Dell 19" monitor. I did know that the 250w power supply that was on the computer was an issue, but it ran at first until the crash. So I tried a 350w Antec Smartpower, and it still crashed just took more time. Then I tried and still have a 430w Antec Truepower and still have the crashes...

First things first, I already tried removing as much hardware as possible... Both the cd/dvd drives, the firewire card, modem, extra ram, one of the hard drives, and ran it with the case open with a fan on the video card and it still crashed (just took longer) and along with the fact there are no other issues with devices via the process of elimination or using various hardware checking software programs to check for issues with other devices.

I also ran through the last 3 gens of Nvidia drivers (currently using 6.93) which did squat. BIOs is an issue with my Dell however, as I do not have the options at the CMOS menu on startup to disable shadowing and other features that Nvidia recommends shutting off/turning on on their tech support site. And I have ran through all 7 itterations of the Dell Dimension 8300 BIOs updates (A02-A09) with no change.

Ive kept a constant eye on the temps that I am able to keep an eye on. The card stays under 50 degrees Celsius, and the system stays quite cool as well. The fan works fine on the card too (as I mentioned I ran it with the case open for awhile, checked all the fans).

This leads me to believe 2 things, either there IS an issue somewhere with software I dont know about or cant get to (IE the BIOs settings) or the card is bad.


Thanks :)

12-02-04, 08:51 AM
Have you tried underclocking your card?

Did you try one of the tweak utilities to disable fast-writes and sideband addressing?

What card did you have before?

Did you add memory the same time you added the card? have you tried running just one stick of memory?

12-02-04, 04:28 PM
I havent tried underclocking the card, or the tweak utilities to disable fast-writes and sideband addressing. Ill look here in the forums for those utilities and such, but ill keep an eye out in case you link it ;)

I had a 5200 FX before.

No, none of the adds, other than the power supplies have been during the same time period as the card. The ram, extra HD, DVD-rom, and firewire card have all been in the system for awhile. And yes, I tried every variation of RAM possible (the new stick out, just the new stick in, just one of the old sticks in with the other 2 out, etc.)

I tried out the 67.03 drivers that XFX tech support linked me (after first just copying and pasting Nvidias tech support info from nvidias site...) but it didnt change anything.

P.S. Everquest in windowed mode DOES eventually crash as well, it just takes about an hour or two rather than 5-10 minutes.

12-03-04, 09:14 PM
So this is wierd, last night I managed to play Doom 3, Battlefront and Everquest 2 for like 6 hours (between all 3) and it never crashed. So I restart the computer today, and try doom, and it goes back to crashing... CRAZYNESS!!!

Anyway, this is what my lame Dell Bios setup looks like: