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12-02-04, 10:31 AM

I RMA'ed my card to BFG and just got it this morning. I installed it and as soon as I was rebooting after the driver install it would lock up going into windows. I did a fresh install of windows xp and installed all the updates then the video drivers. And installed one thing at a time to see what was causing it. What I found was that the Nforce chipset drivers is causing it to lock up...so as long as I don't install them I am ok.

I have:

Athlon 64 3400+
Asus K8N-E Deluxe
Using the on board sound
10/100 Nic
BFG 6800 OC

Nothing in my system is over clocked...
I cann't seem to figure out why Nvidias chipset drivers won't work with their video card...=P


12-02-04, 11:26 AM
I had the specific problem only when installing their IDE drivers. I just don't use the Nforce IDE driver and Windows boots up fine.

12-02-04, 02:07 PM
For me it is the GART driver that is causing the problems.

12-02-04, 05:52 PM
There was a problem for some VIA chipset users a while back with the AGP/GART chipset drivers mucking up the system.

It was down to Microsoft standardising the AGP drivers with XP SP2 whereby the XP drivers would force themselves over anything else and it all caused conflicts.

It's accepted now for via chipsets to run the MS agp driver so try just not bothering with the N-Force one and see if that helps :)

12-03-04, 09:48 AM
The problem now is that since I cann't install the agp drivers the card is running in PCI mode. And I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to get it to run in agp mode. Or that maybe something is wrong with the card or my motherboard.

Any suggestions?



Well I can either install the chipset drivers or the video drivers...when I install them both I crash....

(xmassign2 (cheers)