View Full Version : PCI-E 6800NU or 6600GT?

12-02-04, 12:42 PM
I'm building a pc for my brother and he's wanting the 939 amd platform.

It's a cube case and I can't find any micro atx 939 mobo's with AGP support so here's the dillema I'm in.

I'm aware that the 6800GT PCI-E card exists. He just doesn't have $700+ to spend on one.

SO, we're either faced with the decision to get a 6800 standard or a 6600GT.

What would you guys do?

12-02-04, 12:49 PM

12-02-04, 12:56 PM
6600GT and SLI it further down the road!!!!

My friend just got one and its not actually that far off my 6800GT performance wise.....

unless you can find a 6800nu with SLI capability.