View Full Version : BFG 6800 GT+GDDR3 RAM question...

12-02-04, 06:40 PM
Based upon several posts, GDD3 RAM on the GT series doesn't need much cooling. I'm on water now and put heatsinks on the ram and noticed they are very hot.

Why doesn't it need cooling? Does DDR3 have better heat tolerance or is it supposed to run cooler?

My card is at stock clocks for now (BFG 6800GT OC) and I'm not seeing artifacts. However, I am curious.

12-02-04, 10:37 PM
If the RAM heatsinks are hot you know they're doing their job. If you're not seeing any visual anomalies, don't worry about it.

12-03-04, 12:29 PM
No artifacts, but now that I'm watercooling the GPU (13C drop on GPU) and no longer have those 1/8" thick sponges from the BFG stock cooler insulating my video ram, my optimal overclock according to the Detect Optimal Frequency function has dropped significantly. Is that function reliable?

Regarding the heatsinks, I took the side panel fans off since I installed my watercooling rig. Perhaps I should put them back in to dissipate the heat on those sinks?