View Full Version : BFG 6800 GT crashing due to overheating?

12-02-04, 07:51 PM
I've had a problem, where by, my display would suddenly scramble. Only when I have been in an intense game, and the graphic card is being put to real use, has this happened. The temperatures, when I have checked on it, were around 78C GPU/ 60C Ambient. This has happened maybe four times since I've owned it, which has been over a month now.

I called BFG and was told that it was due to the ambient temperature of my system being too high. Anything 60C and over is too high for the ambient temperature. They recommended that I leave my case open, which I was already doing, and run an external fan, which again, I was already doing.

The last time it happened, I found the ambient temperature in the mid 50's.

At the moment I'm writing this, the Nvidia video driver temperatures are reading 62C GPU and 41C ambient. The MSI CoreCenter CoolnQuiet Utility, at the same time, reads 49C CPU and 28C System Temperature. So I don't know what the Ambient temperature is that the Nvidia driver is reading. Maybe it is the CPU temperature, but it isn't the system temperature. I never had any problems w/my ATI 9800Pro w/this exact same setup. The case is wide open. My room temperature is 23C.

I love my BFG 6800 GT, but I don't like it suddenly crashing my display and spoiling the game I'm playing.

By the way, nothing was o/c'd at the time these crashes have happened.

They said that I can send it back, but can I trust the replacement? Of course I'll have to put up w/no card for the time it takes to get a replacement.

I asked about the thermal compound they use, and if I could put Arctic Silver on. They said that it would void the warranty.

Anyway, has anyone else w/a 6800 GT had this problem?

My power supply is a 430 watt Antec TruePower.


AMD A64 3200+ (90nm) S939 (ADA3200DIK4BI), Thermalright XP-90 heatsink w/Vantec ThermoFlow fan, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum m/b w/bios v1.3, 2x 512 Mb Corsair XMS3200C2 v1.1 DDR (1T-2-3-5-2), BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC; Windows 2000 Pro w/SP4, DC-BOINC:ClimatePrediction


12-02-04, 08:24 PM
I have seen my refrence based 6800 ultra temp climb to 86C but the Ambient temp was around 48C .

Today was the first time I ran some games on mine they were FS9 and CFS3 thats when i got the high 86c temp.

The reference 6800 like I have may need better after market cooling your BFG should already have a great fan setup.

12-02-04, 10:07 PM
I had nothing but problems with the BFG 6800 GTs I've tried. I now have a PNY and its been flawless.

12-03-04, 05:48 PM
I just bought a BFG 6800GT OC and also encountered what I now know is heat related problems. After about 2 hrs. of on-line gaming, my rig would lock-up with a multi-colored braided rug in the display. I had the card overclocked at 400/1100 for several days until the lock-up happened last night. Right now, my card is reading 70 GPU and 55 Ambient. This is surprising because this is the newer BFG model with twin cooling fans and the copper HS (with a cooling pipe). I have another rig (side-by-side) with this one that has a very trustworthy FX5900 that reads 54 GPU and 42 Ambient. I would then have to assume that the heat sensor in the BFG 6800GT OC is either poorly designed (flawed) or defective. I really like this card, but now thinking I made a bad decision to upgrade. I'm going to call BFG myself and see what they say.

Update: I just got a new out flow fan and now my idle temps are 62 GPU and 48 Ambient. I'll probably replace/upgrade my intake fan as well. I'm also a bit concerned because I just confirmed that my power supply is only 250w. I'm being told that the 6800GT cards need at least 350w. OUCH!!!

12-03-04, 06:38 PM
I have a bfg 6800gt oc with the dual fan design and no matter what I tweak and I've tweak about everything, it will lock up at least once a day. This is after 3 reformats and every 6800 tweak out there.

12-04-04, 06:17 AM
I have a BFG 6800 GT (2 fan model) and have never had a lock-up. I went the NV5 Silencer route (with AS5) and currently run the gpu/mem at mild clock of 412/1100. Idle temps (C) - ambient 37, idle 53 and under load goes between 65-68. (cheers)

12-04-04, 09:55 AM
The two fan cooler on the BFG is really junk. Not only does it do a poor job of cooling your card, it also adds a tremendous amount of heat to the inside of your case.

I got bored one day and decided to remove my NV5 and try the two fan cooler since I had added a 120mm side intake fan to my case. My ambient temp went from 34c idle to 48c idle and max temp went from 70c to 84c. Needless to say, I put the NV5 back in.

I also overclock my P43.0E to 3.7 and it puts off quite a bit of heat as well, so I guess I shouldn't trash to two fan cooler too hard, and maybe the NV5 isn't THAT good, but the fact that the NV5 is quiet and exhausts to the outside is a definite plus.

12-04-04, 01:04 PM
I have a BFG 6800gt as well, but I've never had any crashing problems in the 2 months i've had it. With the dual-fan copper cooler, my temps were 53C idle, 71C load. With my NV5 now, my idle is 47C and load is 61C. :) Go BFG!

PS: I bought mine from Best Buy, if that makes any difference....It was nice because they carry them for the same price as online w/ an excellent return policy. I actually bought two BFG 6800 OC's before my GT, returned the first due to a noisy fan, returned the second due to another "noisy fan" wink wink nudge nudge, kept the FarCry and Doom 3 games that came with them, took advantage of a 10% off sale and bought my GT. Gotta love big corporations that never question returns. :)


12-04-04, 07:11 PM
The paisley/checkerboard crash is definitely heat related. If you have poor case ventilation, the problem is more evident, but overclocking causes heat too, so either will be a problem with these cards. The NV5 really does help. Taking your side cover off of your case helps too, but who wants to do that?

12-04-04, 07:26 PM
I fixed my 6800 ultra crashing problems.

I molexed its fan. Unpluged it rewired it to its on power using the yellow power line from an extra molex connecter I had. Since my 6800 on board fan had a power rating of 8.3v to 13.4v it was better to use the yellow wire connect then the lower power red wire.

Now its fan never shuts down or throttles down under load. 62C at load. I think this may be a lot of peoples problem the fans powering down or shutting off compelity

If you do this just carefuly take the wires out of the plug in so if anything happens you can reinsert them if you have to RMA it. :)

12-04-04, 08:06 PM
If its an overheating problem, it will cause Windows to reboot, not lock up.

BTW I have a BFG 6800GT 2 fan model and have never had any issues with it. SAme goes for the BFG 6800 Ultra. BFG is not junk nor is the 2 fan cooler. Those ppl that thrash it just got unlucky, but calling something junk is way over estimating when you can only refer to your own experience.

12-05-04, 10:22 AM
I love my BFG 6800 GT OC but that 2 fan cooler sucked in my Antec Sonata case. Not very much ventilation with that case and the stock cooler adding all that hot air made my cpu overclock unstable. The NV5 really did fix this situation for me.

The only reason I tried the stock cooler again is because I have since cut a hole in the side panel and added a 120mm fan and was curious. Side by side, the stock cooler is junk when compared to the NV5 and in a case with restricted airflow, the stock two fan cooler is real problem.