View Full Version : [My app] nForce NVMixer2English Changer

12-03-04, 01:03 PM
I created this tool for a friend of mine who designed nREMIX Drivers for nForce2 boards (Obelix if someone knows him :) ).

Main purpose of this tool is to convert any localized NVMixer Panel text into default english. Very useful if you can only use International drivers (like driver remixes -> OBELIX nREMIX Drivers or beta drivers) and you're not living in USA or UK.

NVMixer2English Changer is Idiot-Proof(TM) and uses advanced fuzzy logic scripts to change the language ;)

It was tested only on Windows XP (should work on 2k too),so don't blame me if your PC turns into pile of smelly plastic and silicon ;)

Download NVMixer2English Changer:

I hope it might be useful to someone out there :)


12-03-04, 01:32 PM
Oh,this tool is NOT limited to Obelix nREMIX only :) You can use it on ANY nForce driver pack to change NVMixer language into English. That in previous post was just an example :)