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12-03-04, 05:52 PM
Ok so I'm using this mobo:


According to that link, it can take up to 2GB of 400MHZ Memory right?
So going on that, I decide to start looking for some 400mhz Ram, and I come upon the Kingston website. According to this website:


*read the bottom part of the page*
I can only have 2 sticks of 256 400mhz or 1 stick 512 400mhz in the Mobo.

Which one is it?

PS. Trying to upgrade because currently I'm using very very generic crap, and I would like to upgrade to a brand name. I play MMORPG's so I figure that I'll pick up a Gig of 400mhz. *if it's possible, damn I'm confused*

12-04-04, 05:32 AM
they are talking about 'single sided' memory vs. 'double sided memory. if you want to run 2x512 you need to find 2x single sided sticks. having said that you need to know that the KT400 does have inherent problems running more than two sticks of DDR 400 anyway regardless of the config and bios and mainboard brand. it is a limitation of the chipset itself. if your cpu is running overclocked at 400 FSB, or you could run a native 400 FSB processor (which the board can't) then I would recommend DDR400. otherwise....

I hate to say this because that motherboard is very good, but you would be better of getting a new motherboard like an Abit NF7_S (if you plan to keep using your current CPU) and get some 2x512 stick of DDR400 - then you can also use the stick later when and if you go a64. Otherwise with your current board you may be stuck at DDR333, as it only takes native ddr333 processors anyway. KT400a chipset somewhat cleared this up but not really until the KT600 series from VIA. VIA although very good was extremely late to the official native ddr400 support party.

My suggestion
Abit NF7_S nforce2
2x512 Corsair XMS
Overclock your current XP to 400 FSB for now.

*Use the memory later on an A64 setup.

12-08-04, 07:10 PM
Ok thanks, looks like I'll pick up some 333 sticks =(

12-11-04, 12:33 PM
You could use the DDR 400 sticks but you would need to manually set them to run at DDR333 in the bios, or your board may do it by default anyway. I would get DDR400 sticks in our case so you can use the sticks later on another board to run @ DDR400 speeds. Just because your board is DDR333 linited doesn't preclude you from 'using' DDR400 sticks. It just means you will have to run DDR400 sticks at DDR333 (overclocking aside). In other words you don't want to be stuck with DDR333 sticks later when you upgrade to a DDR400+ motherboard.