View Full Version : Warning Beebs PNY6800GT

12-04-04, 05:07 AM

Got my PNY6800GT since 3 day,s (With no prob,s) butt today there are some ,,warning-beebs,, from the buzzer that is mountet on the card.
I can,t explain it becouse nothing else happen,t.
The card run,s without a problem.
Did someone expierens the same?

Groetje,s Oranje

12-04-04, 07:58 AM
What is the cards temp when this happens?
Also do you have the power plugged in?

12-04-04, 10:45 AM
Problem solved;

It was not the 6800GT card that beeb,s but my DigiDocī.
This DigiDoc, witch contol,s temp,s and fan,s, also monitoring 5V and 12V rail within a error-tollerance-rate of 0.25V.
This 0.25V is the factory-preset but now i chance,d it to 0.5V and the beeb,s are over.

Thank you for anwsering.

Groetje,s Oranje