View Full Version : Server Hosting Issues - NEED A FAVOR!!

12-04-04, 06:22 AM
Hi Guys,

Me and the clan I play for are having major issues hosting a server (either Internet or direct connection).

The problem is that once the server is up no one is able to connect??? it just sits there saying connecting but never actually does?? We can all connect to public servers fine but if one of us tries to host a game no one else is able to join????

This is happening on every game and with every clan members PC??? so it cant be firewall/router issues...... (rudolf)

I need a favor - if I put up a server - say Counter Strike: Source or something that you guys are likely to have a copy of could you pls try to connect to it for me - let me know if you get on and what errors messages you get if you cant.

the IP address is: - Called M00n-Un1t's Server. no password.

I'll be waiting and watching......... (xmassign2