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12-04-04, 07:17 AM

I am the new and happy owner of a Aopen 6800LE card, i bought this card mainly because of the compatibility with my economy :-)

The card is mouinted in my Shuttle SN41G2 box which sports a Nforce2 chipset with an onboard Graphic controller based on the Geforce4 MX440 but this one should be disabled if the AGP port is populated..

Well, as many others i have been fiddling around with the card to make it give me a bit more bang for my buck and have now succesfully opened up the last 8 pipelines and the 2 vertex shaders using Rivatuner, luckily it seems that i got a chip with no dud pipelines and my 3dmark03 score has rissen from 6430 to 8748.

Some guys also claims that one could "overclock" the card, it is right now running at 300/700 but i wanted to see how much oomph i could get out of it so i tried the coolbits registry file and now i have the posibility to set clock frequency's..

This is giving me some problems though, i tried changing the frequency very little but it allways says that it fails at the frequency and refuses to let me select it. This is true even when i try lowering the frequency..

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong ?

Also a couple of extra questions..

1. Under AGP settings sideband adressing is reported as NO on the operating system (XP SP2)

Howcome XP does not support Sideband adressing ? IT says that the optimal setting is YES but the sideband adressing box in "other settings" is greyed out and not ticked..

Solutions ?

The OS is also reported to only support a "max agp rate" of X2 whereas all other support X8.

Can this be changed ?

Hope you guys will bear with me as i am rather new to this business :-)


12-04-04, 08:05 AM
First of all, welcome and enjoy your card.

Unlocking the extra pipelines/vertex units will put additional strain on the GPU. Coolbits' (the driver's built-in overclocking function) tends to be very conservative when testing overclocking frequencies. With RivaTuner, which you obviously used to unlock the pipelines, you can overclock. There also is an option to disable the built-in overclocking warning. If you do a search through this forum or the Guru3D forums, you should be able to find what you're looking for.

Sideband addressing is one of those extra features that has the potential to cause some major system instability with a very minimal performance gain (we're talking less than 5 percent here). It's best to leave it off.

The AGP speed reporting for Windows is a known issue. As long everything else is reporting 8x, that's what you're running.

12-04-04, 11:25 AM

Ok, i see, i will just leave the sideband adressing to itself..

I found the place to change so that i can speed up the memory but i dont understand why it does not give me any performance boost in the 3dmark tests, in 2003 i get around 8700 and in 2005 i get around 3500. Tried to turn up the frequency in rivatuner from 700 MHz on the ram to 750 but it gives me nothing..

My thought is that if i can turn it up and it gives me nothing it must be because it is actually NOT turned up in real life but only says so on the screen..

I read somewhere that the ram that is used is the same on the 6800LE and the 6800 so i should be able to get at least the same 3Dmark speeds/ the same frequency as an ordinary 6800 ..