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Keith Ludeman
12-04-04, 08:22 AM
Any of you guys got any experiences similar to this?

I just got a PNY 6800 and have noticed that the 2d quality at 1280x1024 and up is horrible..fuzzy, blurry...(1024x768 and 1152x864 are much much better)
My old Ti4600 was crystal clear.

I've been googling and reading forums for a few days now, but its hard to find others who have seen the same. (especially when you can't search forums for the word '2d' )

My monitor is a ViewSonic Professional Series p810 21"

I've tried the following:
tried all available refresh rate combinations.
tried different drivers (currently running 66.93)
played endlessly with monitor settings
swapped card for another of the same - same result.

Next steps:
get a VGA to 5 BNC cable and see if that works better since my monitor has the bnc inputs.

I've read lots about bad RFI on older NV cards, but most of what I read was a couple years old.

I know the PNY doesn't have the best rep out there...but CompUSA had it for $199USD (299 - 70 instore rebate - 30 mail in) so it was worth a shot. I would even go back and spend a little more on a gt or ultra if I was sure that the 2d qual wouldn't suck with that too.

I would love to hear from people who run 2d at high resolutions with various 6800 ( and gt & ultra) and what they think of the 2d quality, or if anybody has had these sorts of issues and has found ways to resolve, let me know!!


12-04-04, 08:30 AM
There have been lots of reports of people having problems with those CompUSA PNY cards. Most of it has been the card's inability to run games properly, though issues such as this I wouldn't be surprised if they were included as well. I'm sure if you exchanged it for a BFG 6800NU (Outpost has them for $249, no rebate) your problem will go away.

12-19-04, 07:24 PM
I have an eVGA 6800 nu card and thought I'd try the 1280x1024 settings. I mainly tried this becasuse I got a samsung 997df monitor 1280x1024 is it's native resolution.

I moved back to 1280x1024 real fast. Not so much for the image quality...it was good after adjusting the samsung's controls....but just because there are so many wesites out there that look like crap at the higher resolutions.