View Full Version : A7V266 Max hard disc size

11-18-02, 03:55 PM
Anyone any idea what the maximum size hard disc the bios on an A7V266 supports? I read somewhere that there was a website that you could look up your bios on to find out its limits but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help?


11-19-02, 05:13 PM
im not sure, but u can try www.amdmb.com in their asus motherboard forum. Someone had a queston about the "E" version of teh motherboard and Parn from amdmb said "A7V266-E supports 48-bit IDE addressing mode after bios 1007, so theoretical max capacity is 2TB." not sure if its exactly the same, board but might be helpful :)

11-22-02, 08:46 AM
Thanks for the reply. I know that the A7V266E is the newer version of the A7V266 and it has some extra features. I thought one of the changes was that the A7V266E has something like a Promise Raid IDE Controller. But I don't really know what that exactly means.

The thing is, although it can theoretically support 2TB of hard disc I don't think the bios would recognise the whole disc. I read an article about someone who bought a 160GB hard disc and the bios only recognised 40GB of it. I also read that Windows only supports a maximum of 138GB... but it didn't say which version it was talking about.