View Full Version : Are IHV's and sites being asked to de-emphasize 6800NU/6800LE?

12-05-04, 09:55 AM
I know, the flavor of the month ATM is 6600GT AGP, but occupying the 250-300USD area are 2 cards that IMO are outstanding values...


I'm seeing less and less information on 6800NU and LE, is this for a reason (like possible cancellation of product), or is this just a "this is how things work, it's fading from the limelight" type of deal?

What do you guys/gals think?

12-05-04, 11:03 AM
I mthink Nvidia is trying to push the 6600GT at this time of year(Xmas) because the majority of people don't spend $300+ on a video card, but can justify $199. $199 is a much more attractive price to most non hardcore gamers or the parents of someone wanting to upgrade. They feel like they are getting new technology(which they are) and at a good price.
As far as the 6800nu / LE....well, it definitely a faster card then 6600GT, but not enough to justify $100 more then the 199 for the 6600GT for most of the average ppl out there. Those of us here on the forums know significantly more about vid cards then the average joe/jane.....therefore we can make educated descisions with all the information we get.
I think Nvidia is doing a great thing by offering the 6600GT because they will sell a ton of them to the average person who IS getting a good performer, just doesnt want or need to pay $400 for 6800 GT.
$199 is much lighter on the wallet(say for parents) for a Christmas present, then $400+ is.