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12-05-04, 09:13 PM
Urgent Attention, Nvidia teams!

When will Nvidia fix fatal bug with Athlon 64, Windows XP SP2 and Unreal Tournament engine based games yet? This problem should be fixed before Christmas! I am still waiting for a word. I own GeForce 6800 GT card (AGP).

All driver above 62.20 have major issue with Physical Address Extension. Anyone who have DEP enabled with Athlon 64 also have PAE enabled automatically. All drivers are compatible with DEP but not compatible with PAE. Only 62.20 or older are fully compatible with PAE.

If you have Athlon XP (not 64) or Pentium processors, Windows XP SP2 will enable DEP but will not enable PAE so therefore newer drivers cannot crash UT engine based games with any processors that are not Athlon 64.

If you have older version of Windows XP (not SP2), you will not have any issues because these version will not enable PAE automatically unless you specify /PAE in boot.ini.

These drivers also have an issue with UT engine based games if you enable PAE by /PAE in boot.ini for any Windows XP versions.


12-05-04, 09:26 PM

Yet another horse that's being beaten to death. Next time, please use the search function and post in an existing thread (there are several if you use the key words UT2004, BSOD and others). But before you do that, please click on the "Posting and You" link in my signature and watch the Flash animation contained therein.

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(snowlol) I just now watched that posting and you flash. That was great.

12-06-04, 05:53 PM
Saturnotaku, I already knew about previous postings. I already posted one in previous posting very long ago but I just re-post as new topic to make sure everyone will read this first because this is important topic about Nvidia Driver.

Thank you much for informing me about previous posting anyway.

12-06-04, 06:30 PM
danielcg why not go over to the new forums that nvidia has set up. they might be able to help you better then we can. hell you might just get someone in there driver team to take notice....

nvidia forums (http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?act=idx&c=16,24,29,6&skinid=5&setskin=1)