View Full Version : My rediculous adventure flashing my BFG 6800 Ultra

12-05-04, 10:45 PM
Ok, so i decided to flash my BFG 6800 Ultra to the latest bios this weekend, as i figured it could really hurt (I had rev 2 before). Only problem is, I dont have a floppy. Well, being the ignorant idiot that I am, I look for a way to flash it in windows. Eventually I stumble upon WinFox, and find a way to flash cards with it that arent Leadtek cards. So I do that, but lo and behold, in the middle of flashing to the new bios, windows freezes. It eventually comes back to life, after I close winfox and some other programs in the task manager. Of course, I know that as soon as I reboot im not gonna have an image, as I dont have a bios on the card (couldnt reflash with winfox either, got an error when I tried). But I went ahead, attempting to blind flash. Sure enough, no image, and i had no idea what the layout of my bios was exactly, so for the moment i was ******.

So I go to bestbuy to get a PCI card, plop down a good $55 on an mx400, and put that in. The computer boots, I get an image, so finally some progress. I spend the next few hours trying how the hell I'm going to flash without a floppy, as my floppy is busted, the one in my dad's computer cant write, it can only read, and only the one on my mom's laptop, which isnt IDE of course, works. I tried everything to flash without a floppy involved in some way shape or form, but I couldnt figure it out. After trying to burn things to a CD, flash in the command prompt, etc, I eventually used the multiple floppies in my house to serve a purpose. I ended up creating a bootable disk on my moms, putting nvflash and the bios on that, taking my dads floppy out of his computer, and used that to give my cd-rw an image to emulate when creating a bootable CD.

So I boot up, flash it, everything goes well, take out my PCI card, put the monitor in the 6800 ultra, turn it on and....no picture. I was ready to jump out the window, and when i ran nvflash again after putting the PCI card back in, and it couldnt even SEE my ultra, I walked to the window and opened it. I decided to try to flash it one more time, so I let the computer have a breather, then booted it back up, started nvflash and suddenly it saw the card. I flashed it again, took out the PCI card, plugged the monitor in the ultra, and it finally worked :D :D :D :D

My plan origonally was to flash it to a modified, 1.5V bios (Im on water cooling now, so it shouldnt die on me within a month or so, right?), but after this whole fiasco, I'm afraid to flash anything ever again. Its not like flashing itself was hard, but too much weird **** went on, like nvflash not seeing the card. Thus I'm hesitant to flash it again unless absolutly necessary. I'm just relieved not to have a $500 paperweight, even though it cost me $55 and a weekend to save it from that fate.

12-05-04, 10:51 PM
never had probs with flashing in windows to be honest (and i have updated firmware on 3000 digital mixers / 1400 synths thru MIDI which are heart in mouth moments)

as long as you dissable firewalls and antivirus bits - you should be alright

Daneel Olivaw
12-05-04, 10:53 PM
5 years ago I screwed up a flash like that (in windows and I was young and inexperienced) on a mobo GA-6BX7. Only way to repair would have been a hot bios swap.

My mobo was still under warranty, the local Microbytes store replaced it free of charge... :lol:

Took me 2 years to muster up the courage to flash a bios. FLOPPYs and DOS are the only way to go.

Now I'm flashing my 5900xt, my ti4200 and my p4p800 all the time testing out stuff.

Once I also used a conductive pen on the pinout of my Tualatin mobo, got the Tualatin from 1.3 (sig) to 1.733 with the increased voltage, but the temps were crazy...

Anyhow, in time you learn to do stuff like that after you've enjoyed a purchase, but before the warranty ends, as you might be lucky to use it...

12-05-04, 11:15 PM
I find the making a Bootable CD is more Reliable then a Floppy plus you can get more bios, etc on it.

Something else easy is to make a recover.bat file in windows. Edit it to have the commands to blind flash back to your original bios. Then all you do is put in the CD wait 2mins then type recover followed by Enter. Then reboot again after 2mins.

This is a good way to get out of a sticky situation :)

12-06-04, 01:42 AM
I killed my AMD-K6 through overclocking and replaced the system with an intel one. Then on the first day i got it i tried to flash the bios. Though there was a bios setting that had to be disabled when flashing, so the mainboard died and I had to order a new bios from abroad to replace it.

12-06-04, 01:46 AM
Hehe... about 10 years ago I tried to reflash a mobo BIOS while in windows. Yup, didnt ever post again...

LOL I was only about 11 and i did this on the family computer! My dad wasnt too happy with me.... ;)

12-06-04, 01:57 AM
Are there any real improvements from flashing the bios on a video card? I know flashing motherboards adds new features but does flashing video card bios add new features too?

12-06-04, 02:03 AM
Not really.. most of the time its just bug fixes, but I always like running the latest BIOS/Drivers/Firmware (xmassign)

12-06-04, 03:09 AM
Not really.. most of the time its just bug fixes, but I always like running the latest BIOS/Drivers/Firmware (xmassign)

That's a full-time job! (xmastong)