View Full Version : Zalman CNPS7XXX compatibility

12-06-04, 06:39 AM
Hi.. i jus came across a nice fan cooler for my PRESCOTT
My current temps on fuill load (during VCD encodong/Decoding) goes to as hi as 60*C and Fan Rpm goes to 5200+ inspite of ASUS-Q fan Enabled
So now i hafta get a cooler.
I came across these CNPS7700-Cu (120mm), CNPS7000B-Cu (92mm)
-Will the above be compatible with my Motherboard "ASUS P4P800e Deluxe"???
-I mean with respect of size.
-Wat wuld u recomend wich of the above? (Considering the compatibility)
-Will it b effective? Wat other options do i hav (i dont want water-cooling).
-Wat wuld be the life of the FAN approx.?

12-06-04, 08:17 AM
Zalman's website should have compatibility information for the 7x00 series HSF. At least, they should anyway.

The 7700 should be more effective than the 7000. I have no idea as far as the life of the fan goes but Zalman may have more information there as well.

12-07-04, 02:29 AM
On zalmans website there is a link "compatible motherboards"
That list dosent include the ASUS p4p8 x series instead it includes models of ASUS boards wich use the northwood 2-2.6 ghz processors

if u go to see the prescotts are meant for the p4p8 x series, n if the HSF is not compatible wit these series mobos, wats the point of buyin it!