View Full Version : Drivers wont stick.

12-07-04, 05:15 AM
This is a bit odd to me, new to Nvidia and I installed the Extreme G drivers, after using the 67.03 drivers which sometimes booted up to 60hz on desktop, which was bit annoying.

Anyhow, now when I install a driver it wont stay, next time i reboot im "driverless" when checking Display Properties, Settings, Advanced, Adapter.
However, in System, Device Manager, there it is, listed under Display Adaptors, 6800GT (Vstudios Extreme G Quality)

Tried different drivers, installing in safemode, driver cleaner etc..
Nothing seems to help here.

GigaByte 6800GT
MSI Neo Platinum
A64 3400+

12-07-04, 06:23 AM
ok, tore out the drivers and Nforce drivers and reinstalled them.
seems to stick now, but when i start up the desktop is at 60hz.

think I saw a thread about it somewhere here once, cant seem to find it anymore tho.
anyone know how to prevent this?

12-08-04, 04:47 PM
ok, things have developed a bit further now, or cleared up a bit..

Sometimes when i boot up i get the desktop @ 60hz, which is annoying..

And worse yet, sometimes when I boot up, windows acts like there is no driver installed at all.
In Device Manager it lists 6800GT (Vstudios Extreme G Quality) under Display Adaptor (as mentioned earlier), but if i look at Display Properties it sais " on [Default monitor]" or something like that..
and in Advanced/Adaptor it sais nothing, like there is no card installed, also monitor is listed as Default Monitor and cant be changed, no buttons for update driver etc.
Usually goes back to normal if I reboot again tho.

Tried uninstall and driverCleaner on both ForceWare and nForce chipset drivers and different versions.
Its a new installation of windows XP, did a clean install when I got the card, mobo and CPU.

Anyone remember the procedure to remove old monitors from registry?
got like 17 or so listed there now with all driver reinstalls and such..
Safe just to delete them all?