View Full Version : So, I ordered OCZ performance 2x512

Daneel Olivaw
12-08-04, 03:15 PM
Not platinum though. I know all the fuss about Samsung TCCD and OCZ platinum... I hoping the few bucks I'll same with the Performance Series PC4200 will be justified. Since I'm on a P4 I wanted to be sure to hit 533, that's why I didn't go for the Rev2 EL Platinum PC3200...

Anyways, my exams are halfway, and I should get the ram either friday or monday, I'll let you know how I bench.

To think I was already at 5500MB/s on Sandra with my cheap Nanya ram... Why did I go spend like that for barely faster memory... For 1:1...

Dumb dumb me...

Daneel Olivaw
12-09-04, 12:21 AM
Thursday at noon, EST... I'm getting my memory, sweet Purolator Air... Dang, might be later...

12-09-04, 03:53 PM
OCZ EL revision 2 actually overclocks higher than some of the 4200 they release. Mine does 320 1:1 max

Daneel Olivaw
12-15-04, 08:08 PM
Actually Circuit, I ended up ordering the Platinum... ;)

The Performance was a no Stock and the Platinum dropped 30 bucks in price so... looking forward to trying it, thursday or friday.

And since my i865 now has Full PAT... I think I'll own!

Add to that a mobo that runs FSB283+ and a CPU that does 3400MHz... woohooo.

How high did you get your OCZ at 2.85v and 3-4-4-8?
(edit, just read 320:640, ****!!!!!!!)

Daneel Olivaw
12-17-04, 06:38 PM
Well, it's shipping now... crap, gonna get here on monday.

I WANT TO OC!!! :(

Daneel Olivaw
12-21-04, 03:56 PM
TCCD @ 266MHz with only 2.55v!
3-4-4-8, PAT enabled.

That's the first attempt. Memtest stable.
buffered sandra mem 6300, unbuffered sandra mem 5100

Daneel Olivaw
12-25-04, 10:25 AM
Fuk, my P4P800 can't get over FSB 250MHz at 1:1 without artifacts...

I'm now at FSB 283 & RAM 227 cas 2-3-3-5. I have to loose the PAT (since you can't have PAT and dividers on a P4P800), I still have 6100+ MB/s buffered bandwith in Sandra but I dropped to 4500+ MB/s unbuffered.

Daneel Olivaw
12-25-04, 10:29 AM
ram hits 275+ MHz at 2.85