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12-08-04, 03:48 PM
Sorry, I didn't get a chance to read the other thread I posted on this till today. So I have clarified it, I am only interested in Counter Strike. I haven't even booted up HL2 yet. I enjoy my CS for now...

So The scenario being:

You step around a corner and see two enemies, Enemy 1 is staring at you, Enemy 2 is looking away (both enemies are human, no bots). You have a m16 or ak47 as primary weapon with nades, smoke, and flash at hand. What do you do next and why...

Situation 1: You're at full armour and health

Situation 2: You're at Half armour and health

Situation 3: You're at near death

The reason I'm asking is cause this comes up a lot for me and for people I chase and it's funny how everyone seems to handle it... I tend to shoot the guy not looking as I'm backing away, then hopefully he dies until the other guy arrives, if he doesn't die then I'm fighting 2 guys that are facing me... there's got to be a better way, I'm asking to see what other ways may work that I will try....

In reference to a previous answer, getting out a grenade would not work cause by the time you pulled it out you'd be dead. Unless you tried to pull it out as your were backing up around the corner but then you couldn't throw it precisely, and you would pretty well have to throw it at your feet, which would damage you and leave you with no weapon as Enemy 1 rounded the corner...

Here's another though, back around corner, pulling out flash. Throw flash at your feet as you look away. If Enemy 1 followed he should be flashed. Take him out, then go back and hopefully Enemy2 was not alerted. Maybe after flash put on silencer... hmmm... I'm gonna try this...


12-08-04, 04:15 PM
In all three instances I would hope to have the m4a1 equipped with the silencer attached because I would then take out the guy looking at me with a double tap in the chest and one in the head and by the time the guy looking away realizes that his buddy is down I would take his ass out, preferably with a knife in the back.

But in all the cases it's easier to get two kills if you finish the immediate threat first.

12-08-04, 04:31 PM
I have ran into cases like this before...

Eventhough its hard to flash thats not a bad choice... as always you have to assest your threats and take out the biggest threat to you, which in this case is the dude with the gun.

Lateley I have been able to play on servers were the other side never watches their back. I will out flank them, then come upon 2/3/4 of the other team looking/gaurding the other direction. Times like this you can throw a flash at them, then usally kill them all... problem is they tend to not fall for that twice in a row :)

12-08-04, 04:34 PM
Captain Tactics: After watching Full Metal Jacket 20 or 30 times, this fine young lad has learned everything there is to know about urban combat. Not only is he a military genius just waiting to be discovered and recruited by the Federal Bureau of Discovering and Recruiting Military Geniuses, but he is benevolent enough to share his foolproof battle plans with the rest of his team, and even inform all the other players whenever their strategies do not meet with his approval. Lucky them!
Signature move: Saying "rush right", charging off by himself into a hail of enemy gunfire, then repeatedly saying "u stupid lusers didnt rush w/me or id be alive. assholes"
Strategy: Take a shot at him with a pump shotgun from all the way across the map. You can easily dispatch him seconds later when he stops playing to type out a 500-word essay on why shotguns should not be used at long range.

Sociopath: Much like the morons you normally find in Yahoo chatrooms, the Sociopath is an angry and bitter child who masquerades as a big tough guy who will not hesitate to kick your ass if you look at him the wrong way or use the wrong kind of emoticon. This may seem like a relatively harmless breed of Counterstrike player, but in groups they are capable of inflicting lethal levels of annoyance. The Sociopath hates Counterstrike and everyone who plays it (and everyone who doesn't play it) but he will keep playing the game, simply because it's the only way he can get out his aggression at other people without getting his glasses broken and shoved in his ear.
Signature move: Blasting other players with incredibly callous and witty insults such as "fag", "fAg" and "FAG".
Strategy: Start insulting the band Slipknot. With any luck, the Sociopath's ensuing screams of rage will wake up his parents in the next room and he'll have to turn the computer off and go to sleep.

Gun Expert: Typically a 30-year-old male who grew up with guns, owned several guns in high school and graduated from the United States Institute of Guns. He has memorized the weight, muzzle velocity and warranty information for every gun that has been made since the early 1600s. Of course he believes that this extensive knowledge of firearms makes him a natural Counterstrike player, and any kills against him are a result of the game's glaring inaccuracies. So, basically he's a grown-up version of an annoying six-year-old kid who always plays cowboys & indians but argues whenever his friends say "Bang, you're dead."
Signature move: Messaging the person who just killed him and letting him know that the kill didn't really count because the muzzle flash from his AK-47 looked a lot more like the muzzle flash from an AR-10. Followed by huddling in front of his computer clutching a revolver, silently weeping.
Strategy: Declare that Counterstrike is the most realistic game of all time and there are absolutely no inconsistencies between the in-game guns and their real-life counterparts. The flash of uncontrollable anger the Gun Expert will feel should make his entire head explode, or at least enough of his head to seriously impair his motor functions. Either way, it's an easy victory for you!

Rookie: Inevitably you'll run into someone who has never played Counterstrike before, but refuses to learn anything about it. Usually this is a teenager who plays whatever his friends play, just to fit in. So he will have gone from Quake 3 to Unreal Tournament to Counterstrike, without bothering to learn any of the differences between the games. You will typically find him running around in a game, asking questions like 'whuts a flashbang?' and 'why r u wearing a mask?', and getting answers ranging from 'Perhaps you should read the manual' to 'read the god damn manual'. But since he has the same personality as a kid who tries to put together a $150 model plane without so much as looking at the instructions, he will continue stumbling blindly through the game attempting to use the 'learn as you go' approach, while repeatedly saying "whats 'rtfm' mean, stop saying rtfm to me it isnt even a word u stupid jerks".
Signature move: Attempting 12 times in a row to kill you by circle-strafing with a glock, and wondering aloud why it isn't working.
Strategy: Take the same approach you would take towards the fat kid during recess basketball games back in elementary school. Meaning you should do everything within your power to make sure he plays on the other team.

Chronically Depressed Dip****: On average, you will find 3 or 4 CDDs in a 20-player game of Counterstrike. They can be easily located by joining a random game and looking through the chat to see who is whining about how full of pain their life is while playing a computer game on a $2000 Dell Dimension their parents bought them for their 16th birthday. Any attempts to interject logic into their whiny ramblings (i.e. saying "If you're depressed why don't you do something besides play Counterstrike?") will be met either with "you wouldnt understand" or a series of angry messages detailing the romantic life of your mother.
Signature move: Getting an enemy in his sights and being unable to summon the energy to click the mouse button and fire.
Strategy: Type the opening line from a random Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails song. The CDD will get caught up in the moment, close his eyes and play through the song in his mind, quietly reflecting on the pointlessness of human existence and the fact that only a few select bands actually understand the pain of a joyless life. Then he'll snap out of it and discover that you took advantage of the opportunity to run over to his guy and stab him in the ankles until he fell over and died, giving the rest of the server a hearty laugh at the NIN fan's expense. Two victories for the price of one!

Rhodes Scholar: He's smarter than you, and he isn't afraid to show it! Every single message that flows from the Rhodes Scholar's keyboard is so chock-full of intelligence and wisdom that the IQ overflow occasionally causes packet loss and server crashes. If another player offends him or says something mean about him, he'll respond by typing out a doctoral thesis on differential calculus, one line at a time. Of course, he'll do this after the round has started and his team has already rushed out to fight the enemy, so he'll get about a third of the way through before an enemy walks into the spawn, shoots him dead and calls him a moron.
Signature move: Sending amazingly well-written and thoughtful chat messages that do not contain any words with less than four syllables.
Strategy: Tell him that trigonometry and algebra are the exact same thing, just with different symbols. After futilely attempting to educate you for a while, he'll throw his keyboard against the wall, dive out the window and run screaming into the woods, never to be seen or heard from again.


Now go forth and frag

12-08-04, 06:39 PM
In all three instances I would hope to have the m4a1 equipped with the silencer attached because I would then take out the guy looking at me with a double tap in the chest and one in the head and by the time the guy looking away realizes that his buddy is down I would take his ass out, preferably with a knife in the back.

This is idealistic and not realistic. Not sure how crappy the players you play against are but this would not work in my world...

What would happen in reality is the first guy will start strafing back and forth as he's trying to hs you. At the same time I am strafing back and forth trying to hs him. His buddy likely hears the firing coming from his right ear (this point it doesnt matter if you have silencer cause he picks up on his mates gun noise) and whips around, crouches down and starts shooting.

So in situation 1, you may get 1 kill if you can kill him fast enough, although you would be lucky to kill him by the time his mate notices. So you are receiving double damage, with one guy crouching delivering very accurate strikes.

Situation 2: you likely get no kills and die

Situation 3: You are dead! First guy comes over and sprays crap on your body and types "powned"...

So I don't like this solution cause at best you might get 1 kill and most likely die. If you concentrate your fire on Enemy 2 you at least have high probaility of 1 kill, but certain death, which is better but still sucks...


12-08-04, 06:59 PM
my strategy is to instanly drop to one knee, (which effectively dodges any possible headshots), fill the first guys head with half a magazine of lead, then cap the other with the pistol. If somehow he heard the M4A1 silenced ripping his mate apart, or saw blood splatter, a quick sweep from Head A to Head B would either take him out as well, or leave me with no ammo and no choice to backpedal around the corner to reload. That's about when the sidejumping potshot technique comes in. If i am flashed whilst reloading, i have an uncanny intuition that tells me where head height is and to start spraying at head height. 6 times out of 10 i manage to get headshots whilst flashed.

12-08-04, 09:14 PM
hehe :D , in CCS i noticed that compared to old CS , when i do duck to avoid first few shots of rifle and get better accuracy at opponent , they actualy hit me in the head by not trying , when you duck your head is in same level as your body if you were standing , so less experianced players can get easy HS if you duck :p by trying to avoid.
Offcourse those who instanly aim for head shot and you duck you saved for a moment as they miss and end up dead usually , so its a roll of dice :D

12-09-04, 07:34 AM

Now go forth and frag


12-09-04, 07:44 AM
I tend to always stock up on nades, flashbangs and smoke nades.

Usually I annalyze the situation on the fly and see what the best strategy is.

In this case I would lob a grenade some where in between the two enemies and take cover behind the corner. (Usually this kills the enemy who is not watching and may injure or cause the other enemy to retreat away).

Lob a smoke grenade wait for it to start fizzing.

Once it starts spewing out smoke I lob a flash in the general direction of the enemy. Wait for 2 seconds.

Make a dash as far away from the smoke screen to the other side which will give me a good viewing angle and take cover and start shooting the enemies I can see.

(My mouse2 button is set to cycle through all the nades I have)

-If I dont have any nades I either retreat and hide myself (if I am near death) or I aim for the guy not looking at me and also try spraying the guy who is looking at me while I retreat.

12-09-04, 10:31 AM
I just shoot people in the head. It makes it so they're dead and much less a pain to deal with. I continue shooting people in the head until they are all dead.

12-09-04, 12:30 PM
lol. Ninjas don't use guns...