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12-08-04, 07:47 PM
Hi all,

I have an a64 3200, 1 gig Geil ram (2x512), albatron 6800gt(o/c to 410/1100), audigy, 2 hard dves , 2 opticals, 430watt antec (20amps on the 12 volt rail) etc etc. All running great for the last 5 mths. No crashing at any level. Windows runs like a dream and Doom3, HL2, Far Cry etc etc all run great.

The problem is that in the last 3-4 weeks the system does not post at all. Stops immediately; blank screen and hard dve light on but not loading. A restart fixes it but that really not a fix.

I've tried 3 different bios numbers at defaults and adjusted. Nothing works. It's obvious it's a hardware problem but i'm stumped. Any ideas?

Thanks all.

12-10-04, 10:36 AM
It sounds like what my PC does. When I first switch it on, I hear the fans and drives power up but nothing happens, no bios beep. Then I press the reset button and the PC posts as normal.

In my case the problem goes away if I reset my mobo to default clock speeds. I haven't figured out exactly whats going on though.

12-10-04, 10:39 AM
You may have a piece of hardware going bad.
Try this:
1) Set you Vid card back to the default setting. Leave it there for a few days and see if you get a reboot.

take out a stick of RAM. Run a stress test (memtest) on one stick, and see if you can duplicate the errors. After you do the one stick, do the other stick the same way.

12-10-04, 10:41 AM
The symptons point to power, bios or ram issue but suspect its the later. Try resetting the bios back to default mem clock speeds and see if it post every time. Last time I experienced a similiar issue was while o'cing. The ram would flack out due to lack of voltage and the machine wouldn't post. The bios remembers this and wout reset itself back to default values after the machine was manually restarted.

12-10-04, 10:49 AM

What motherboard are you using?

I have seen issues like this - mostly on MSI and ECS motherboards, that are caused by weak power mosfets on the mobo.
I doubt the problem is with your PSU, since it is a pretty stout unit. So, I my guess would be memory problems, or the power mosfet problem.

12-10-04, 03:26 PM
Abit Kv8 pro ver 1.1

Like i said everything in windows runs great. It or any other games do not crash. And everything has been great since i purchased the mb, ram, cpu and gpu 5 mths ago. Until 3-4 weeks ago that is.

I've set defaults many times. I do not overclock the cpu. It stays at 3200+. I only o/c the 6800GT but those settings onlt come into play when windows boots, not at the bios level.

I'm starting to think i have something that is gradually degrading. Geez, i've got to solve this problem.

Should i contact abit support?

12-10-04, 05:39 PM
I'll let yas know how memtest goes.

12-11-04, 04:22 AM
memtest went through an 8 hour pass and reported no errors.

I guess next up is prime95 in 'blend' mode.

12-11-04, 09:55 AM
I had the same problem and replaced my psu with a better one and the problem disappeared. That was on a secondary system btw, not the one in my sig.

12-11-04, 06:19 PM
Put the IDE delay to 2 seconds and so far so good after about 20 shutdowns and re boots.