View Full Version : OpenGL reboot bug: 66.93/67.20

12-10-04, 06:18 AM
In the latest WHQL driver (66.93) there is a very serious driver bug.

When performing OpenGL rendering on a separate thread (i.e. not the main application thread) the computer reboots.
A small demo application showing this behavour can be found at http://www.student.itn.liu.se/~freka586/ThreadedGL.zip.
A detailed description of the problem is found in the readme-file.

I would be *very* greatful if people could try this small demo and report on driver version and/or hardware!
When I last tried with 6800 GT is rebooted. On the FX 5700 is was extremely slow/buggy but did not reboot.

Since this makes our workstation software completely useless with the current drivers I greatly appreciate any help!