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12-10-04, 06:25 AM

I have a strange problem.
The signal on my TV-out port is either weak or distorted in some way.

the nview settings recognizes a connected TV even when i dissconnected the cable ti it.
if i connect the tv and choose clone image. the image on the TV either is blank or bleak (graytones in all the colors) and jumpy.

The problem accured 3 days ago and before it worked perfectly.

i hav tested:

checking with different cables and on different TV:s.
unplugged the graphics board and checked it for dust and stuff
unplugged the computor so the components uncharged
took out the battery on the mobo so the bios wass nulled

what else can i do?

Board info:
Vendor ID 0x10de
Device ID 0x0045
Subvendor ID 0x10b0
Subsystem ID 0x0800
Semi-product part no CVP542010MQ0B0:0

sorry about the bad english!

12-10-04, 06:48 AM
try rebooting after u've connected ur tv... and make sure ur tv supports S-Video out, cos' if it doesn't u'll have a black&white picture :) and if it doesn't you can go to the nvidia control panel and click on nview-display settings and right-click on ur TV and select tv-formate(I have it in swedish but it's the first option on the list) and select advanced. Now u should be able to select the video-out type :) select compostie video-out and click apply and then click ok :)
try setting ur digital vibration to off

12-10-04, 06:51 AM
Tried all of that already... thanks anyway!
i have also tested 3 different driver vesrions...

i also tried the Gainward support here in sweden and he made me switch cables and stuff although i said that the cable is tested fine.

hate talking to support technicians, they always think you are stupid as hell!

12-10-04, 09:13 AM
e du svensk? ^^

12-13-04, 01:24 AM

12-13-04, 02:18 AM
I think you maybe update the bios version to
Good Luck...

12-17-04, 12:09 AM

Hi Aztech :

Did u try get the bios from gainward branch in Germany ?
How's going the problem.....?


08-09-05, 08:01 PM
Samma problem här... Någon lösning än?
Same problem here, any solution yet?
My tv-out just died one day, and now the screen is black. Great quality on these things...