View Full Version : Extra USB ports on motherboard not working

12-10-04, 04:46 PM
I have a MSI K8N Neo Plat which came with a bracket which allows for 2 extra usb ports.

I put in the bracket and attached the cable to the usb pin header on the motherboard as indicated in the manual. The USB options in the bios are set to both enabled and USB1.1+2.0.

Here's the weird part...

For some reason the 2 usb ports that are directly soldered onto the mobo work and the 2 extra ports on the bracket don't (The devices attached do receive power its just windows does not notice or enable them) tested with both a usb mouse and a usb hardrive.

Any suggestions?

12-11-04, 01:33 AM
Are you certain it's a hardware problem? What version of WindowsOS do you use? Check your device manager to see if you have any non-working USB OHCI controllers and update the driver for them.

For example, my two A7N8X-VM400 nForce2 motherboards recognize the USB add-on bracket ports only under Windows, not Linux.

12-14-04, 12:01 AM
Yeah I found out how to fix it at another forum.

Basically the usb adapter cable which plugs into my motherboard from front of the case (Antec Sonata) had an extra wire which wasn't supposed to be there according the the pinout diagram in the motherboard's manual (MSI K8N Neo Plat).

After clipping the wire both sets of extra ports are now fully functional. I find it weird that this one extra wire was affecting the usb ports connected to usb#1 (on the mobo) as well as the usb ports connected to usb#1 (again on the mobo).

I should also add this same problem was also causing FreeBSD not to detect any of my 8 (in total) usb ports. Apparently this is a common problem according to the original poster at the other forum and a lot of consumers think they get DOA motherboards.