View Full Version : Any good enhanced texture mods for Morrowind?

12-11-04, 05:28 AM
Curious to know if there are any mods out there that improve the textures in Morrowind or something similar?

Googled it, but came up with nothin

Da Alians
12-11-04, 08:25 AM
I remember there was some mod that replced faces with really high res ones, and if u have a ati card theres some thing where it smooths the geometry for you...

12-11-04, 09:17 AM
Yeah, there was some thread here about a mod that replaced textures and upped polygons on models and stuff, I believe. Search the forums, you'll find it. :)

12-11-04, 03:09 PM
There was a truform mod that helped a lot, I think that's what Da Alians was talking about.