View Full Version : New Hardware, new woes, (MSI Neo, 3400+, 6800GT)

12-11-04, 07:30 AM
Ok, as per usual when I buy a new computer, the issues drop on me like a ton o bricks, which usually takes a bit of work to iron out..
Was the same with my old XP2500+ and 9700Pro, but after a bit of fiddling I got that one rock stable, fast and responsive..
and now its time again.

Anyhow, I got myself the MSI Neo Platinum (NF3 250GB, S754) a A643400+ and a Gigabyte 6800GT (with the sortof neat cooler).
Still on my 2x 512 333Mhz CL2.5 TwinMOS RAM, which I suspect to be part of some of my problems perhaps, got new RAM coming.
480W PSU.
2 PATA and 1 SATA drive (on SATA channel 3)
No overclocking at this time.

Using 5.10 Nforce Driver and 67.02 ForceWare on XP SP2.
Gigabytes utilities, like V-Tuner2.
Using the Blitting settings in Rivatuner to fix the stutter..
Been using the Forced refreshrates in ForceWare, I hear that could be buggy?

Had it a few days now and its never been quite right.
First of all it tends to "drop" the Forceware driver sometimes when I boot up, the card with driver is still listed in "Device Manager", but in Display properties it just sais "Default Monitor on" and im stuck at 800x600 60hz..
usually rebooting helps that, sometime I have to reinstall the driver.

Also, sometime when exiting games i get a BSOD, seems to be when using AA, AF and the LOD Clamp, or any of above, not really sure..

And the system seems a bit.. choppy.. not really fast and smooth, compared to my old XP2500+ system.
I gather that might be due to the FSB@200 and RAM@166Mhz perhaps..

What Ive done sofar is:
disable Fastwrites.
Relaxed all timings on RAM and set it to 2T.
Changed slots on RAM. also ran a Memtester that found no errors.
Tried a few different ForceWare drivers.
Tried a few different Nforce drivers.
Disabled integrated things in BIOS.
Run DriverCleaner with reinstalls of drivers.

If anyone has run into any of the problems, or knows any fixes or tips on any of it, id be thankful to hear them.
Havent really kept very up-to-date on current Nforce3 or Forceware issues since Ive been on ATI since I left my GF3..

Just ran 3dmark05, first test ran then after that it just went black and stayed like that.
I could get the Task Manager up tho, so i could shut it down.

Vapor Trail
12-11-04, 12:05 PM
Try uninstalling the forceware IDE drivers and use the standard windows drivers. Solved a bunch of problems for me.

12-11-04, 12:17 PM
Try uninstalling the forceware IDE drivers and use the standard windows drivers. Solved a bunch of problems for me.

Ditto here. I was working on a friends rig and all I can say is the Nforce drivers are absolute.... (insert any curse here) The moment I used the default Windows IDE drivers my friends problems went away.

12-11-04, 12:40 PM
hmm, might do that..
Dont think I used them on my old Nforce2 board either..
tnx for the tip.

btw, since i went over to Reforce, instead of Forcewares own method of overriding the XP 60hz bug, things seems to have calmed down a bit, 3dmark05 still wont run past the first test, screen goes black after that..
Ill try without NV SW IDE later.

12-12-04, 04:22 PM
Try uninstalling the forceware IDE drivers and use the standard windows drivers. Solved a bunch of problems for me.

Ever since nforce 2 and that blasted ide driver plaguerised my system (dvd driver wouldn't read ANYTHING, NOT EVEN A BLOODY CD!) I have never gone near it again and had no performance issues using the default windows driver which is what I stick to religiously now for peace of mind.

12-12-04, 05:13 PM
I uninstalled them and now I could complete 3dmark05, it previously just went black after the first test and I had to shut it down via Task Manager..
I still get the occational Blue screen..

Some of the BSODs seems "profiles" related, today BattleField BSOD instantly on launch, tried several times..
Then I removed my BattleField profile from the Forceware and it worked again, oddly enough it still had AA and AF active, which werent on in my Global Settings..
So I guess there is some residues of prev profiles somewhere messing around..

Using Reforce instead of ForceWare 67.02 own Refresh Override seems to help a bit with CS:S giving me BSOD at shutdown..