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11-19-02, 10:53 AM
When you burn a cd at 8x does that mean the burned cd would only run and be read at 8x? Cause my sony dvd-rom drive is having a hard time recognizing or reading the CD's that ive burned. It sometime makes a weird noise like something is stuck on the drive.

11-19-02, 11:55 AM
It should be able to read whatever speed the drive is capable of. You could try cleaning the lens on them, but it's probably related to the fact that it's Sony :p What speed to they read in the other drive?

11-19-02, 12:33 PM
What kind of CD's are you trying to read? Are they backups of protected games? Were they created with packet writing software?

11-19-02, 02:14 PM
its a 16x dvd drive. It happens with music and backup cds[games]. But not with data cds.

11-19-02, 03:00 PM
try checking your DMA settings..

11-19-02, 03:07 PM
Regarding game backups, I might be able to help you on that one. There are some CD/DVD drives that have problems reading games that are backed up onto CD-R/RW media, especially ones that are protected with Safedisc2 (most EA titles, Max Payne to name some).

There is a way around this. Download the latest version of CloneCD from www.elby.de. There is an option in this software called "Hide CDR media." If you're in the USA, this option is disabled by default, but you can enable it by downloading a patch that's available through the forums (http://club.cdfreaks.com) at CD freaks.

Once you get that set up, make sure the CloneCD system tray icon is available on your system and the "Hide CDR media" option is checked. Insert the backup CD and you should be good to go. This method may work for your audio CDs as well.