View Full Version : Joint Operatios: Typhoon Rising.

12-11-04, 11:36 PM
Ive been playing joint operations And the new expansion with some friends. When we play night missions and I use my night vision if they have the m4 with a paq 4 on it I can see the paq 4's beam. Giving away there position. They can not see mine or there own. And when I use the m4 with night vision I can not see my own paq 4's beam but I can still see there own.

My system specs
AMD XO 3200+
1024MB ddr 400
BFG Nvidia 6800 gt OC 256MB at oced speads.

They have,
3.0 GHZ P4
1024Mb DDT 400
ati 9700/9800 X800xt Nvidia 5900U/5800 (Matching systems exept for the video cards)

Any one have the same problems? Ill try to take some Screen shots.

12-12-04, 02:59 AM
Joint opps sucks the big one baby - Ive got both two and although I LOVE the idea and indeed I've had my best ever gaming moment playing JO the crappy net-code when more than 40+ server are on the server has meant I've recently given up on the game.

Its a shame as I loved what it tried to do.

12-12-04, 09:20 AM
joint ops is great on a lan! we have had but to 57 people playing at one time and every thing was still smooth. I beta tested Joint Ops so if you think its buggy now you should have seen it then.
So does any one know what im talking about with the paq 4's?

12-13-04, 10:14 PM
Joint Ops is a great game, probably one of my favorite FPS types. I know what your talking about on the paq4. I saw it on other players on a custom maps server, but couldnt see my own. I had an eVGA 5900 at the time. Now since Ive upgraded to 6800GT I never see the beam at all.