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12-11-04, 11:43 PM
Got something weird here, have a dual channel system with 1 gig of Corsair ram with LL timings. Platinum series, on a ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MB.

I have 2 more slots open. So i decided to go with another gig of ram to 2 gigs, same memory type same timings i believe from the Corsair Platinum series. I placed the memory into the slots know filling up 4 slots using dual channel mode. I was starting to get reboots and some BSOD's from the 2 gigs of ram.

I tested the memory and it is just fine but after i changed a setting in the bios called memory acceleration mode from enable to auto, the system know runs just fine all from this setting.

But what is weird is i always had this setting set to enable but know i went to 2 gigs i have to change it to Auto to eliminate BSOD and stability problems.

Anyone have an idea about why disabling MAM to achieve stability on 2 gigs of ram over enabling it with 1 gig of ram. I heard this setting is like PAT, Performance Acceleration mode on the P4C series boards.

Quote " the ram is the same on all 4 sticks of 512" so thats not a problem.


12-11-04, 11:52 PM
I'm trying to find out the same thing, as the same thing happened here when I went to 2 gigs of RAM.

If/when I find out, I'll post back here....

12-11-04, 11:59 PM
Cool lets see what happens and with a 2 gig rig you want the best possible settings and stability too.


12-12-04, 12:22 AM
have you tried raising the voltage a few points? Sometimes when running more than 2 sticks you need to raise the memory voltage a tad to ensure stabality when running tighter timings.

12-12-04, 12:31 AM
Its all on Auto don't overclock anything to ensure stabality. I could do that but i have mem timings on spd letting the memory coltrol the timings or if i manaually set them my bios will become corrupt and have to use the cd to repair or fix the bios to original bios but it runs very good but the MAM setting is what i had to auto to get rid of the problems.

12-12-04, 01:06 AM
From what I can gather, I believe performance mode won't work when all four DIMM slots are occupied. (I tried increasing the voltage, but it didn't work)

So, to have 2 Gig of RAM with performance mode enabled it looks like you'd need to use two 1Gig sticks, leaving the other two slots empty.

But to be honest, I haven't noticed the difference with performance mode set to auto.

12-12-04, 08:19 AM
I know for the A64 you have to use T2 timings which suck big time something like 20% less bandwith over T1 :(

12-12-04, 02:20 PM
do you have BH5 or CH5? also, I heard that the memory compatibility of Springdale (P4p800) is not as good as Canterwood (P4C800). don't know if that matters.

12-12-04, 11:43 PM
All Moduales are identicle 4 sticks of Corsair XMS LLPT 512 Sticks of Ram. I heard about the 865 Chipset from intel could be it being you have to disable or set to auto for the MAM featue in the chipset area of the bios. the system is running just fine but adding the ram and setting to auto, will it effect my memory or systme performance any or do better?

12-13-04, 10:40 AM
I know for the A64 you have to use T2 timings which suck big time something like 20% less bandwith over T1 :(

Do you need to use 2T timings if you use 2 1GB sticks instead of 4?

12-13-04, 07:20 PM
Well i talked to a rep or support tech at Corsair and he put me on the right track. He had me change the timmings manually and dimm coltage in the bios being the xms use a higher voltrage at 2.75 over the usual 2.5. and with over a gig you have to tighten settings and he informed me the MAM mode isn't supported by corsair only on a 875chipset so im like ok these settings work fine and i think im fine know.

anone have an imput on this,feel free to coment.


12-14-04, 12:41 PM
so what timing do you run now with 4 sticks and MAM disabled? Also, is your ram LL v1.1 or 1.2??

12-14-04, 08:54 PM
I believe its t1 2.75V ver.1.2 and they are rock solid and games load alot faster knw with the right timings.

According to Corsair, the memory was never set right from the start from leaving everything at auto made the memory timings loose which allowed the MAM setting run smooth but with adding memory in four bangs made the timings more tighter made it hard for MAM to run so causing unstable settings so Corsair told me to maually set the timings being their ram is alot more effective with manaul settings over the auto which made the ram run not so good.

12-14-04, 09:47 PM
I used to have 512MB, and in UT2K4, with all settings maximum, it would hang for around 20 seconds on spawning into a level, cos of virtual memory thashing.. the game is soo much smoother and stutter free with a gig..

If you want high settings and silky smooth gameplay, you need a gig minimum.

12-15-04, 02:40 AM
Do you need to use 2T timings if you use 2 1GB sticks instead of 4?Nope just when you use 4 sticks..