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12-12-04, 01:45 AM
Not sure if this is driver related, seems to happen with different drivers that I have used. I have only recently got my BFG 6800 Ultra OC and all is fine except in Far Cry and HL2 - mostly in Far Cry. I notice that shdows change quickly when moving - example will be a bush in far cry. It is one shade with the light and then as I get near it changes to a lighter or darker shade. If I stop, it flickers between the 2 shades. Also, bushes or long grass appear out of nowhere as I move foward. When I look through the sniper scope I see all the trees and bushes in the distance sort of shimmering. Anyone else get this is Far Cry with a 6800?

I have read about the shimmering issues but not sure if this is the same shimmering that I get??

I have the 67.02 driver loaded with the negative LOD bios set to clamp. Appreciate the advise - after finaly getting a 6800 ultra I am a bit dissapointed with the, "flashing bushes"! (not all bushes, just a few in view and many in the distance).


P4c800 Deluxe
P4c 3.4
BFG 6800 Ultra OC
Audigy 2 zs
Antec True Power 550w

12-12-04, 04:45 AM
Patch 1.3 installed?

12-12-04, 09:41 PM

12-12-04, 09:45 PM
ATI cards have problems with shadows as well. Turn them down to medium and everything should be fine.

12-12-04, 10:21 PM
I play Farcry 1.3 with all the settings at very high, 1,024x768x32, 85hz, 2xaa, 2xaf, vsync off. Driver set to quality. I am using the 66.93 driver with the trilinear filtering optimizations on and the anisoptropic sample optimization on. I keep the anisoptropic mipmap optimization off. I have absolutely no problems in farcry with my Geforce FX 5950 Ultra. (cheers)