View Full Version : Half Life 2 Deathmatch

12-12-04, 07:58 PM
Just when i was ready to uninstall HL@ for fear of no replay value.. One of my buddies told me about HL2 Deathmatch. well, i must say that it was more fun than i expected. no "buy zones" and all the gravity gun goodness of the real game. Man 'o Man, it was a blast.

Not quite Call of Duty fun, but the next best thing! Let the fraggin begin!

12-16-04, 11:54 PM
Yup, HL2 DM is freaking incredible, it blows everything out of the water. I suggest you play on some servers that are running custom maps, the fun is unlimited.

12-17-04, 02:54 AM
Yes, HL2DM is awesome :)

I wish it ran better... but we dont need another thread about my complaints with the poor CPU optimization. When Im having a good day HL2DM is just the best Deathmatch ive ever played. Its so fun! I almost go solely for the grav gun... I love it :D

Plus, theres nothing more satisfying than have someone blasting a way at you with the revolver then you taking them out from 40 yards away with a little chunk of concrete. I just played the same old 2 maps for what I thought would be 20 minutes... 2 1\2 hours later i finally pulled myself away from the game :p

12-17-04, 10:16 AM
Yeah HL2DM is pretty good. Theres a little bug that prevents me from playing it for more than 30 minutes at a time, but its still worth it. It isn't like regular DM with other games because the grav gun adds several new elements of play into the game.

Just a couple of hours ago I used the grav gun to thrust a car on top of three people at the same time and all of them died :D