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12-13-04, 05:30 AM
Hi all,
i am curious if anyone else has noticed Discrepancies between the temp readouts from the nvidia drivers and gainward Expertool ?

i havnt got any Load temps ATM to offer (although i can do so if asked), but i'm sure you all can get my drift from idle temps.

Nvidia drivers temp readout: 56/38 (GPU/PCB) degrees celcius.
Gainward Expertool temp readout: 40.5/38 (GPU/PCB) degrees celcius.

i Hope someone out there can reproduce this "Bug" attatched below is a part screenshot.


also load temps:

12-13-04, 05:45 AM
Strange indeed, but I think it's a bug in the drivers, since I read many posts from people saying that NVIDIA drivers report higher or some times the temps. don't get down with them unlike the custom software the comes with the card from the card maker.
But yet again, no one knows, I think you should also report this in NVIDIA own forums maybe there is a fix or some explanation out there.

12-13-04, 05:55 AM
thanks buddy.
nvidia have forums? :eek:

12-13-04, 06:08 AM

12-13-04, 12:13 PM
There is no way that the GPU is going to be 4c higher then the PCB. The GPU is going to be ALOT higher then the PCB always.

Gainward tools is wrong. Nvidia is right. Touch the back of your Card where the core is. 40c should just feel warm, 60c should feel very hot to your finger.

Specialy under load, come on. lol. Under load the GPU is 4c hotter? That is completely wrong. Forget about the Nvidia forums, go to gainward and complain, they must be trying to make their cards look good.