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12-13-04, 11:33 AM
Has anyone had problems with RS/AS and the 66.93 drivers. For me the game plays fine, but when I exit, my PC crashes and reboots. I had the same problem w/ some beta versions of the NV drivers and some drivers were OK. The game is still fun, but I'm not getting any help from UBI. I do have the latest patches for RS- 1.60 and AS 1.10. I'm posting here b/c it seems like a driver issue.

System SPECS:
AMD 64 FX-51
1 GB PC 3200 DDR RAM
GeForce 6800 GT
Audigy 2
w/ all latest drivers

Thanks for your help

12-13-04, 08:12 PM
This is not your fault. Forceware drivers above 61.77 will crash on exit in most Unreal engine based games as well as any other accelerated game. The problem is that your processor has DEP enabled, an exclusive feature BTW, and the latest sets of nVidia drivers have an inherent bug related to this feature. You either need to stick with 61.77 and wait for an nVidia solution, or experiment with DEP disabled with different drivers. I personally am running 61.77 and am waiting for an official fix.

12-16-04, 06:12 PM
Thanks, I hope they do fix it. I'm afraid that with some of the newer games out that RS/AS will not continue to be supported.

12-16-04, 06:18 PM
If you play unreal based games alot just dont use windows xp sp2. This will fix the problem. Just use SP1, microsoft is still releasing updates for it as well as sp2. DEP is only available on amd 64 systems with xp sp2.

01-21-05, 05:53 PM
I found the answer to be under my msconfig--> bootini--> the last line had a setting that was "optin", I changed it to "Always Off" and it worked. This seems to only apply to the combo of AMD 64 chips w/ 6800 cards. The game runs awesome now and doesn't crash the PC. I found the answer in another thread on this site if you want more info...good luck with the search.

01-21-05, 06:20 PM
I always had a problem with RS/AS if AA was enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel, the intro videos wouldn't play...just black screen with audio. The game played fine with it enabled, so I left it that way. I don't care about the intro videos anyways.

02-16-05, 03:05 PM
That is true about AA and AF, but for me the game would start but I couldn't go into the action phase if it was turned to anything other than application controlled.