View Full Version : Pagefile partition setup questions.

12-13-04, 12:38 PM
Anyways i have 2 HDD's, an ata133 Maxtor and a ata100 Samsung, both 80gb, 2mb cache. Now my Maxtor is my main drive with windows on it and currently has a partition at the front of it that is 2.3 gigs which has my pagefile located on it (offline defragged with perfectdisk aswell), now would it be best to make a partition on my secondary Samsung drive to put my cache on instead? Will that make my performance faster or will it not make a difference? Also the samsung is ata100 so will that effect much?
Both HDD's are on the same IDE channel aswell.
Opps, i forgot to say i have 768mb of ram, that might be relevant info to this post, heh.


12-14-04, 07:32 AM
When you say cache, do you mean internet cache? I could see how it would be advantageous to put that stuff on its own partition, to halt fragmentation. Probably not a bad idea! I may do that myself.

If you make the pagefile sizes static (min and max size the same) then it shoudn't make a difference if they are on a dedicated partition.
Put one paging file on each physical hard disk. "Windows 2000/XP supports multiple paging files and can read and write to all of them simultaneously."

See http://www.pureperformance.com/js/showtip.asp?id=22 for more information.

Btw I love perfectdisk too!