View Full Version : Silverstone TEMJIN SST-TJ-06B

12-13-04, 01:50 PM
I always have to be doing something to my PC :rolleyes: ...wth its a sickness.
Since I'm out of the market for hardware upgrades until spring.....I thought it would be a good time for a facelift.....and I really want near silent operation, which, even with my fan bus I don't get now.
I decided on the Silverstone TEMJIN SST-TJ-06B as the new home for my parts. Quiet\silent operation, great looks, Silverstone quality and room for all 4 of my HDs out of the video card's way with there heat evacted out of the case :D
Here's a look:

12-13-04, 04:43 PM
The worst thing about the case is that on some motherboards it requires you to get an extension cable for the ATX power cable and the ATX12v power cable.

12-13-04, 04:59 PM
My Tt560 has an extremely long main cable.....should reach np

12-18-04, 12:52 AM
I'm rebuilt in the new case....This thing is a fine peice of work :)
I'm going to post pics in the "rigs 2005" forums .....but the best thing about this case is what you can't see in pics...the noise level.

12-18-04, 07:21 AM
Very nice looking and fuctioning case. My one problem with it is lack of video card cooling priority, but it shouldn't really be a problem as most cases aren't much better, just my next one will be.

12-18-04, 09:36 AM
The 8cm intake fan is located in-line with the video card and puts a decant amount of flow on it.
I added some fans to the HD cage, though