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12-13-04, 07:28 PM

I've been reading many LCD monitor average response times are rated as rising and falling (15/10 = 25ms total average) but I haven't seen any '16ms' LCDs rated this way.

Are they rated 16/16 or 8/8 for a total of 16ms (rising + falling)?
Anyone have any hard data on this?


12-14-04, 11:54 AM
I can't recall where I saw it (some other forum, I think, or Ars Technica?), but 16 ms panels are usually 12/4 or 4/12.

Bill The Cat
12-14-04, 12:02 PM
As I recall the rise will be significantly longer than the fall (I always imagined it as the pixel would have to "wind" up on the rise, and could easily snap back on the fall). I know xbit labs tests the actual rise/fall on their monitors.

12-14-04, 12:48 PM
Argh I should have checked ars!
I'll look at Xbit also.
Thanks. (cheers)