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12-13-04, 11:38 PM
I need some expert cooling advice concerning the ASUS 6800 Ultra Deluxe I just got in my machine.

Turns out I have the standard Antec (Performance Plus) mid-tower case and the NVidia card in the AGP slot on my Intel D865PERL Mobo. Although Iíve heard horror stories about the noise and/or less-than-effective cooling from other 6800 cards, I was impressed with the relative quietness of the stock ASUS cooling solution. With the stock ASUS fan, I get a respectable 48 C idle and moderate 76 C under load. That said, I still think I need to cool this card better Ė especially since the stock cooler not only heats up the case, but ends up blowing the hot exhaust air from the card directly onto my two RAIDíed SATA drives in the front lower drive bay.

I canít move this pair of drives any lower since thatís where the front intake fan rests. And although mounting them in the next bay up (above and below the floppy drive), itís noticeably warmer those slight 6-7 inches higher in the case. That still leaves the fact that the exhaust air is heating up the case.

Iím thinking I have a few creative options for trying to make this work (Iím open to others):

1 Ė Order the NV Silencer 5 and dremel down the copper plate to ensure good heat dissipation. I fear even more customization might be needed since the on-board SATA RAID ports poke right out into the spot the Silencer fan chamber would sit. Although I canít confirm until I buy a Silencer, it looks a lot like its bulbous fan chamber will collide with my SATA connectors directly off the MoBo. Pro: blows hot air out of my case, not on my drives Ė and gets the hot air out of the case completely. Con: Heavy customization (not sure Iím up to), voids warranty, and Iíve heard to lots of effort is required to get the ram chips and GPU to sit tightly against the Silencer plate to ensure good cooling (not to mention the rewiring I have to do since ASUS picked a customized on-board fan adapter)

2 Ė Invert the polarity of the stock ASUS cooling solution. Iíve never heard of anyone doing this, but it was a thought nonetheless. Pro: Sucks air through fins that currently blows hot air onto my drives. Con: not sure if the heat will bake/melt the plastic stock fan.

3 Ė Use the open screw holes at the molex end of the card to mount a 90 degree aluminum air deflector to shoot the hot air to the bottom of my case. Pro: Doesnít alter the card (preserves warranty). Con: Although it keeps my drives from being in an Easy Bake Oven, it doesnít get the hot air out of the case.

4 Ė Engineer some completely customized solution to get/duct/blow the hot 6800 air out of my case.

Does anyone know if Iíll truly have a collision with the NV Silencer and my SATA ports? Is there any other (easier) solution that doesnít require heavy engineering to get this hot exhaust air out of my case?

Any good insights are welcome!

System Specs:
Intel 3.2E P4 w 1MB cache (w Zalman CNPS7700-Cu)
Intel 865 PERL Mobo w/2 GB RAM
ASUS 6800 Ultra Deluxe AGP (w 256)
2x Seagate 200 MB SATA 150 drives (RAID 0)
2x 80mm Thermaltake Smart Fan II intake fans (1 lower front, 1 mid rear) +
1x 80mm Thermaltake Smart Fan II exhaust fan (1 upper) + PSU exhaust
Antec TruPower 550W PSU
Audigy Gamer / Plextor and Yamaha CD and DVD drives

12-14-04, 12:14 AM
Buy a new case :D

Hehe, I've got the same case prolly, hence the same dilemma. BUT: I am already watercooling my CPU so I am thinking about adding VGA waterblock, so that's something for u to think about as well (setup watercooling). As for the other solutions, I am not much into modding stuff. And yes, if you get NV5, it's quite likely u have to sand it quite a bit (I know I did), or just settle for a worse cooling ;)

12-14-04, 01:02 AM
NV5 sounds like the easy out but it is possible your current HSF is actually more effective at cooling the Ultra, but like you've seen, the heat it pumps into your case is a definite negative.

Why not move your drives in front of the intake? That's the first thing I think you should do even if you didn't have the Ultra. You really don't need to worry so much about impeding intake as long as you have good (more than intake) exhaust. The air will get in, but the only thing you need to worry about in case the exhaust is too much stronger than the intake is dust bunnies in unwanted places. A fan controller is great in that situation though.

If you don't have a side fan, get one and have it blow into your case. If you are not overclocking your cpu, you could probably fashion some type of crude exhaust duct for your existing HSF and turn the side fan around to blow out, but you might wound up with hot spots on your mobo (not a big deal if you don't oc the CPU), and even less if you have good exhaust. Remove that honeycomb exhaust cover and replace with something less restrictive - same for intake if possible. Much quieter that way as well. I used wire cutters for this.

As for the NV5 fit, yes, terrible from most accounts, including mine. Mine wasn't too bad actually, but I did have to lay the AS Ceramic down pretty thick over on the GPU to get effective cooling. I got bored one day though and got out the dremel and I cut off all but the top copper memory pads on the NV5 and used some aluminum heat sinks on my ram instead.

My system:
Abit Max 3
P4 3.0E(1.43v)@3.7 247 FSB SP94 w/2 stacked 92mm stealth fans (superglued)
Kingston Hyperx PC4000 2x512 1:1@2.5/7/4/3
BFG 6800GT OC@400x1100 (modded NV5)
Antec P-160 case (modded with 120mm blow hole over vid/cpu area) 1 120mm intake/1 120mm exhaust
Fan controller
Ultra-X Connect 500w PSU

System Temp: 28c
CPU Temp: 43
PWM Temp: 32
6800 amb Temp: 34
6800 Temp: 52
6800 Max Temp: 69

Good luck!