View Full Version : Good american online stores that ship worldwide?

12-14-04, 09:25 AM
I'm going to extensively upgrade my computer soon, and I'm considering purchasing all the parts from the US. I live in Sweden and, now that the dollar suddenly is worth crap, I just can't believe how cheap everything is in the states; if I didn't know better, I'd say it had turned into some third world country or something :P

For example, an XFX 6800GT costs about $625 in one of Sweden's cheapest online stores, while it can be found for almost $160 less just by logging on to Amazon.com :wtf:

We don't consider computer peripherials to be all that expensive here; in fact, we actually find them quite cheap. So you can only imagine how tempting it is to see american stores selling the same stuff for only 75% of the price.

It's not all milk and cookies though, as there are a truckload of taxes and customs you must pay before getting your stuff. There's even a risk that you'll end up paying more ordering from the US than you would ordering from Sweden :(

This is why I need to make some calculations to see what saves me the most money; however, I dont know any good american online stores that are shipping worldwide (well, I know amazon.com but that's it). Obviously, I can't calculate anything without knowing where you can buy which stuff for which price, so can somebody please direct me to the websites of a couple of GOOD and RELIABLE american online retailers?

12-15-04, 02:42 AM
No such one really i've been looking for many years now. If they do ship it would cost you at least 100$ for shipping.