View Full Version : Which will be best for gaming and winxp 256mb PC2100 DDR or 512mb PC133 SDRAM ?

11-19-02, 05:36 PM
Im thinking of getting 512mb of memory so as ive read winxp and games runs a lot better with 512mb then 256mb of memory

Ive been looking at prices of memory and i can get 512mb of PC133 SDRAM for about 35 but another 256mb of PC2100 cost me about 50.

So just wondering what be best option for games and winxp ?
Anyone like to put some Q3 and UT 2003 score's up of both it would help thanks, proberly 512mb PC133 and 512mb of PC2100 DDR score's so i can see what diference would be.

Thanks for any info

Ive got a
Athlon xp 1700
ECS K7S5A motherboard (takes both SDRAM and DDR)
256MB PC2100 DDR
Geforce 3 ti 200 64mb
Fortissmo 2 soundcard
Winxp sp1 installed

The Baron
11-19-02, 06:15 PM
So wait, do you already have 256 megs of PC2100?

Because you KNOW you can't mix and match SDRAM and DDR... right?

11-19-02, 06:18 PM
Yeah i know u cant run sdram and ddr ram together.

Ive got 256mb PC2100 at mo just thinking upgrading upto 512mb of memory

The Baron
11-19-02, 06:32 PM
get the DDR. heh.

11-19-02, 06:39 PM
To go from 256mb DDR to 512mn SDR is going backwards. Best to keep going forwards and buying another 256mb of DDR. Yes SDR is cheaper, but so is a TNT2 compared to a GF4, doesnt mean that its going to be better to go backwards just because its cheaper!

11-19-02, 07:33 PM
Yea u right there

Just wondered thats all

I will proberly go for another 256MB DDR PC2100 when i can afford too

11-20-02, 06:19 AM
you definitely want 512MB of RAM soon.

if i had to choose between 512 SDRAM and 256 DDR right now i would probably choose the DDR. it's just so much faster.

but yes. definitely 512 in the near future is mandated, you can put it to a lot of use even now with newer games.

11-20-02, 07:15 AM
definetly DDR is better, even if only 256megs