View Full Version : New to 5.1, how to connect Creative GD580 for analog 5.1?

12-14-04, 03:10 PM
Wow, I'm impressed with the sound of these speakers, comming from a two-speaker analog setup.

But until I get an spdif bracket for my mobo, which is kinda hard in this part of the world and point of time, I'm looking to have at least analog 5.1 sound out of my 8rda+. So how do I go about this?

The only "visible" option is to connect the red, green, and blue mobo outputs via the supplied 3-jack-/3-jack (all males) cable DIRECTLY to the three corresponding inputs on the subwoofer. (FYI, the 3-jack cable is intended for the decoder-to-subwoofer audio connection according to the manual)

But that would rule out using the decoder for volume adjustments and stuff. Besides that, would it even work? I'm afraid I can mess something seriously up with this connection, shot circuits and stuff...

I'd really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks a lot!