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12-14-04, 07:05 PM
Hi fellas,

I was just wondering,

I have a BFG 6800NU OC, and have unlocked all pipes.

My question is, even though coolbits is set at:

Riva reports base clock speeds.

Now, I've done some benches, but I haven't been able discern weather or not my Coolbits O/C is working or not.
After all, its not much of an overclock.

So, with both Coolbits and Riva doing something (Riva..Unlocked pipes, Coolbits for the O/C) which reading should I take as correct?
Is coolbits right or is Riva right?

One other thing,
With my pipes unlocked and the concerns going round about "lesser clock speed with 16x1x6" I was wondering why when I run the "Auto Detect optimal Clock Speed" in the Settings it gives me an obsurd number.
Everythime I run it, it suggests 410/825.
That can't be right can it?

If this has been answered elsewhere I apologize for this post.



12-15-04, 03:23 PM
Hi Butter Bandit,

I've heard it can handle 410/825 *without* the extra pipes unlocked.
Simple enough to check I supposed, I'll just do it.

But the Riva, coolbits thing has me wondering which app to use to O/C in the first place.

I like coolbits for its simplicity, but maybe i should stick with just Riva.

Thanks for the reply!

Merry Christmas!