View Full Version : New 6600GT problem - XP not booting

12-15-04, 02:40 AM
I wonder if someone can help. My new Leadtek 6600GT AGP just arrived but I am having some troubles getting it going properly.

Windows XP SP2 boots fully to the desktop only when I have not installed the drivers for the card. Whenever I have installed the correct drivers and rebooted, XP gets to the Windows XP logo splash screen, then the screen goes black and I never see anything else. I don't get to see the blue welcome screen or desktop etc., although the hard drive continues to churn and I suspect XP is loading behind the scenes. Because after the hard drive stops, I can hear one of those yellow bubbles pop up.

I also tried uninstalling in safe mode and using Driver Cleaner 3 to get rid of old driver files. Same problems upon reboot..

Actually one thing I should mention is that I was using a third party refresh rate fix (refresh force 1.1). Perhaps that is interfering. I have no option to 'auto populate' the refresh rates in safe mode. I don't know if that is normal..(?)

Any help is much appreciated.
My PC: Athlon 2400xp 512MB Ram Gigabyte GA 7VRXP Mainboard. 450W PSU
I updated from a Radeon 9600xt. Drivers were removed before switching cards. Oh, I have plugged in the additional power cable to the 6600GT. Drivers I have tried are the Leadtek ones on CD, nVidia 67.02 beta and 66.93. Same problem with each.

12-15-04, 02:59 AM
erm why don't u goto safe mode and uninstall the auto refresh thing and try again?

12-15-04, 03:18 AM
Good question. Actually I started the refresh rate fix up and the program says there are no forced frequencies applied, because earlier I tried restoring the original monitor settings. There is no un/installation program as such.
From the FAQ:
Q: How can I uninstall RefreshForce?
A: People have been asking me as a precaution to making changes, how to remove the settings the program makes, so here's how. The program makes NO changes until you explicitly authorize it. To reverse the settings you made, you need to open RefreshForce and go to the monitors you optimized, and click the "Restore Original Settings" button. If you want to remove the program from your system, there is no installation program for RefreshForce, and as such you just delete the program files from wherever you put them

12-15-04, 06:50 AM
Problem persists..I have just tried a few things to narrow the problem down:
Tried PC with TV and also afterwards another monitor = same problem
Swapped 6600GT AGP for Gforce 4-420mx. Guess what? Same problem.

I don' think it's a problem of the refresh rate of my monitor. Or least it's a good quality Mitsubishi CRT 19" capable of many different modes.

So at least it looks like it's not the vid card. I suspect it's something to do with Forceware drivers install and/or refresh rate on this PC. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

12-15-04, 09:23 AM
I had this problem with a BFG 6800/OC, and the only thing that fixed it was changing the heatsink to a AC NV5 Silencer. Buy some Artic Silver and put on there to see if it helps.

12-17-04, 07:05 AM
Well, I bit the bullet and reinstalled Windows XP. Yay. 6600Gt is now working with latest nVidia drivers. However..and don't laugh..now I can't install my Soundblaster Audigy 2 Value drivers.. OMG. But this is another story..