View Full Version : HL2/MSI 6600GT AGP display corruption?

12-16-04, 02:35 AM
has anyone experienced shearing/image zig-zagging at /texture flashing/invisible chunks of screen flashing in and out in half-life 2?

new sp2 install, newest nvidia drivers. half-life2 reinstalled.

screenshot does not reproduce this as the image taken from there seems to be spotless.

need to figure out if it's a bad card or something.

didn't experience any problems in world of warcraft.

12-16-04, 07:18 AM
Are you using the 67.03 beta drivers ?

12-16-04, 07:53 AM
The issues you are experiencing are caused by the SIS chipset bug - I know as I had the same bug.

However what a lot of people dont realise is that the issue also effected some other chipset combinations - just to a much smaller degree.

I bet the 67.03 driver will indeed solve the problem.

12-16-04, 07:16 PM
Thanks. I have VIA chipset (K8T800 specifically) though. 67.02 seemed to fix it. Where's this 67.03 you speak of?

12-16-04, 08:19 PM

12-17-04, 08:36 AM
thanks. i thought it fixed it but i was getting crazy cross hatching with WoW login screen suddenly.

i installed .03 now, but does anyone know why the cs source video stress test has spinning red ERRORs in the first stretch?

12-17-04, 09:12 AM
I got wierd graphics in the VST when i had v-sync enabled.