View Full Version : Having Problems with my GEFORCE FX 5200 ULTRA VIDEO CARD DRIVER

12-16-04, 03:20 AM
I dont understand. I have reinstalled windows twice, I reinstalled the graphic card several times, By adding and removing programs. But when I restart the computer, WIndows does that recognize it. or it says something about a compability singing test. Or it says Problem installing hardware..But I use a driver I downloaded from the Nividia website for instance. 66.93. I get the blue Screen of death when im playing a GAME, like simcity 4 Rushhour. Here are my specs

PNY VERTO Geforce FX 5200 Ultra Graphic Card 128MB
80GB of Harddrive Space
900MGH Processor, AMD Athlon

I tried every Driver there is To fix the issue..and I Havent came across one yet that will fix it. its